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Jul 2, 2010 09:49 AM

Can We Have a Temporary Cape Cod / Islands Board?


It appears that everyone is going to Cape Cod and the Islands this summer from the number of posts asking fro reecommendations. Jfood thinks it is great that some of the best beaches are getting some action after last summer.

To help these people maybe a temporary CC/Islands Board would be a good idea for the summer. Then they can go straight there for all the fried fish and chowder.


  1. Sorry Jfood, It happens every year. Consider this another byproduct of the board changes. If it makes you feel any better, this is how it is for us Mass. folks and all the Fairfield County posts we now see.

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    1. re: hilltowner

      Fair point, but we have some wicked great food down here in the "Old TriState rejected zip codes because of a boundary established in the 1600s-land" that we would like to share. :-))

      BTW - Does Nauset Beach still make the best onion rings in the world? Jfood would drive all the way there just for a couple of larges.

      1. re: jfood

        Funny, having been a Provincetown/Truro girl, I never knew about the onion rings at Nauset Beach, but the ones at Arnold's in Eastham have always been MY pinnacle of onion ring heaven.

        The board change seems to still be taking some getting used to...

        1. re: hilltowner

          BlueSoup may have to get herself some of those onion rings today. sometimes i wish they were more golden/crispier...i wonder if i could request a well-done batch. BlueSoup is driving up to Wellfleet soon to pick her July 4th road race t-shirt & race number. BlueSoup is supposed to be Paleo/Primal but BlueSoup may weaken for the Arnold's onion rings & PB Boulangerie termpations on the way.

        2. re: jfood

          Liam's at Nauset Beach make decent onion rings, but despite multiple tries at different times of the day I have yet to have my socks knocked off. And I'm barefoot at the beach!

          I think the NYT writer who hyped Liam's rings had one of those days where it seemed like the best ever. It happens. I have found their rings to be somehow flimsy and greasy, reminding me of some of the very lightly cooked potato chips popular in the mid-Atlantic region, rather than a darker and sturdier type.

          Arnold's in Eastham has consistently impressed me with wonderful onion rings. It's a fried food I very rarely indulge in because most of the time they just aren't good enough to justify the luxury. I never eat at Arnold's without at least sharing an order of onion rings, they have never disappointed me.

          1. re: Dan D

            to be fair it has been 15 years since jfood last had the onion strips but they were double dipped and delicious.

      2. J....
        While the Bagelmans officially live in Fairfield County, we do have a vacation home on the Cape. Mr and Mrs B only use it off season, but ourr 22 year old and friends are there this weekend. Before she left for the Cape, a lot of time and consideration of posts on this board was made. Especially those by Phelana...........

        I kinow you are a transplant from NJ, but I was born here in Connecticut. I am a die hard Yankees fan, but I am first and foremost a New Englander.

        It's bad enough that the Cape residents were cut off from the mainland by the construction of the Cape Cod Canal, I am not in favor of further injustice by cutting them off from this board.

        You might instead suggest that CH establish a Domestic Summer Travel Destination Board. This would be far less discriminatory.

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        1. One could see this as a clever attempt to create such a "board" (if one were an old cynic that is).


          "The One" ;-D>

          1. Can we have a "Best Lobster Rolls in Maine" board too? ;-)

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            1. re: HDinCentralME

              How about a "Best Fried Whole Belly Clams on The North Shore" board too? (~_^)

            2. then we need a snowbirds in So Florida board too!