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Jul 2, 2010 08:49 AM

Sushi Queen Izakaya on Bay & Elm

Is this the same as the one on Queen Street near St. Just wondering???

Anyhow, I went there yesterday.

We had the Sushi Yonge Street #135.

The rice was mushy. I read on the board some people talking about mushy rice at other Japanese places. What I think now is that its not the Japanese rice that is being used. That is why its mushy.

It was okay. But I won't be going again. It's just okay.

I can't taste the flavours of anything standing out ......all very mushed up together.

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  1. I went there last night (just to correct the spelling so this review is easier to search for, it's called Sushi Queen Izakaya). Based on this review, I didn't order too much with rice, I went for the other items on the menu. First off, I want to commend their service. It was impeccable. My water glass was not empty for more than 5 seconds. The servers had nametags, which I thought was sort of interesting, never seen that before.

    They have a deal in July that everything "a la carte" (i.e. not combos or boxes, but everything else including the Izakaya menu) is 20%, so we mostly stuck to those items although not entirely. We ordered the tempura appetizer, and the batter was delicious and light. We had the Salmon Fry maki, which had no rice in it, but was deep fried with cooked salmon. It was very good. We shared the King St Sashimi, and it was truly amazing, I can't say enough about it for the price, there was ahi tuna, sweet shrimp, butterfish, and it was all really fresh. I ordered a handroll, and I agree with the above statement that the rice was meh. My companion ordered the sushi pizza, and he really liked it, but when I tried it I didn't see anything too special.

    Overall, I would definitely go back. They have a great patio, the food was inventive and fresh, and the service was great. It's not a high-end place, but for a mid-range sushi joint, it was very nice.

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      Ok I went back last night 3rd time. Yes just don't order menu items with too much rice. They put less rice now so its less mushy.

      And I had the tempera Udon and the spicy tuna maki and dragon roll. It was good!

      I would go back! It is good for mid range price!!!