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Jul 2, 2010 08:23 AM

A Grand Forks long-shot question

OK, this may be a long shot, but on a trip from Las Vegas to the beautiful Okanagan Valley to spend a month touring wineries, we will be passing through Grand Forks right around the time of Tuesday's World Cup semi-final. It looks like there are a couple of dining options that would have the game on televisions - the Grand Forks Station Pub, and Clyde's Brew and Cue. Can anyone offer a suggestion as to what might be the better choice (drinks are not important at mid-day, but the quality of the food certainly is)?

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  1. I don't know anything about those two places you mentioned....but along with a big screen TV showing World Cup matches... I would try to find good Russian food there in Doukhobor territory.

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      Thanks so much for the heads-up. As it turns out, Clyde's has a special platter on their lunch menu - a cup of borscht, with a Pyrahi, a Galopsi and 2 Varenki's. That absolutely seals it. Although it will also likely lead to the need for an afternoon nap.

    2. The GF Station Pub is a decent place ... haven't been to Clydes though so I cannot say.

      GF is basic pub food with a decent dinner menu. Lots of parking (lol). Good luck at Clydes.