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Jul 2, 2010 08:15 AM

Best Desserts, especially chocolates

Is there any not-to-be-miss dessert spots in Philly? Especially anything chocolate. Looking for nice coffee/dessert houses.

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  1. The only dessert-only spot that's a can't-miss is Capogiro in my opinion. We have some restaurants that make fantastic desserts, though. We have some good, but not great chocolatiers. Naked Chocolate Cafe is one. It's OK but I wouldn't recommend a visitor to Philly go there unless they have no decent chocolatiers wherever they're from.

    1. Golosa on 6th and Catherine is a dessert-only place that's pretty good. It's also BYOB. Lots of chocolate-based desserts.

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        Golosa usually has a good red velvelt cake.

      2. The best chocolates are John and Kira's. They are usually only available by mail. He has a booth at the Rittenhouse Farmers market on Saturday and Headhouse on Sunday.

        Best desserts in the city are a Matyson. Get one of their tarts or cobblers. Sonata has an amazing chocolate plate for dessert. Three wonderful mini desserts.

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          The Fair Food Farmstand in the Reading Terminal Market carry's John & Kira's. I agree, they are the best.

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            Thanks for the kind words about John and Kira's Chocolates. We work really hard to make sure they are as good as they can possibly be, so we appreciate the mention! Other good chocolatiers in the Philly area are Eclat in West Chester and Amrani Chocolates somewhere off of 422. Di Bruno's carries a few artisan chocolatiers from Philly, although I am not sure if they currently have any in stock. Anyone reading this can stop by the booth at Reading Terminal Farmer's Market Saturdays from 930 - 3pm for a free sample. John

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              Hi John, I think you mean on Sundays at RTM? I thought you go to Rittenhouse on Saturdays... BTW-Still love the chocolates with mint!

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                I can see the headlines now.... Chowhounds trash Reading Terminal in chocolate melee.

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                  Good lord I must have been tired typing that. It is Rittenhouse Farmer's Market on Saturdays. Thanks for the correction.

          2. Marcie Blaine Chocolate, inside of the Verde on 13th St, puts out some kick ass artisan chocolates. The style and quality are not unique to Philly but worth a visit if you like fancy chocolates. It's better than Naked Chocolate, but it's just a counter, not a cafe.

            Second Capogiro and will add that their drinking chocolate is amazing, but it is probably a bit too warm to enjoy it.

            I also recommend Philadelphia Chocolate Tours if you are visiting, looking for something to do, and enjoy chocolate. It's a fun walking tour, you get to see a lot of Center City and eat a lot of delicious chocolate:

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              1. The bacio gelato at Capogiro.
              2. The Hattie Don't Play cupcakes at Brown Betty (chocolate with chocolate icing).
              3. Either the Aztec hot chocolate (not in this weather) or the frozen chocolate drink at Naked Chocolate.
              4. Milk chocolate peanut butter pretzels at Mueller's chocolates in Reading Terminal Market.

            2. My favorite chocolate shop is Naked at 13th and Walnut. Their candies are terrific. I always give them as gifts. They also make my favorite cupcakes and the hot and cold choc drinks are fantastic. Miel Patisserie is also really good, but quite a bit pricier, though the chocolates are fancier.