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Jul 2, 2010 07:59 AM

Is White Horse scotch available to you?

I keep reading about it in older threads and would love to find some but have never seen it available in my part of the country. I'm wondering if maybe its a regional thing or perhaps there's been a availability problem in recent years. Can you get it? If so, what part of the country? Thanks!

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  1. I don't know- haven't had it years, and that's because the quality really declined, so I moved away from it. I thought maybe my taste had changed, but then I got an old bottle from someone whose husband had died- his stash, and it was much better. Not worth seeking in my opinion. It did come with a cute little white horsey around the neck, though. I used to collect them as a kid (my father drank it).

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      Thats a shame to hear, I was hopefully that I found an affordable islay blend. I envy the people that can get finlaggan at trader joe's.

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        We have it in California, though it's not that widespread. Have you tried Black Bottle? It's another Islay blend that goes for a little more but is quite good.

    2. Its available in the ABC stores in North Carolina. State run liquor stores...all we have here. Sells in the $18 range...

      1. I also live in NC, and though I have no frame of reference to compare it to as far as a decline in quality (since I justr started drinking Scotch a few months ago), it is one of the two inexpensive blends I have tried that I like - the other being Highland's. Both are $16-17 for a 750 here.

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          oops - "the other being Highland's" should have read "the other being teacher's" (highland cream).

        2. I live in Kansas City, the state line that separates the town lets me shop 2 different distribution chains. I can buy White Horse and Black Bottle in Missouri but not in Kansas.
          Be sure to ask your vendor if they can order it for you. They'll be glad to help if possible because they want your money.