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Jul 2, 2010 07:44 AM

Fulton St. Breakfast Carts

I recently started working in the financial district near Century 21 and much to my dismay, I cannot find a breakfast cart near Fulton St! I am talking about the kind that has bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches with a coffee for $2.50 that is so incredibly satisfying for the morning. It's odd for such a busy area. Does anyone know of a cart? Also, does anyone know where I can possibly find a list of breakfast carts in Manhattan with their locations? Thanks very much for any assistance.

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  1. There is a breakfast cart outside the PATH station before you get to the Vesey street bridge. Abut 2 blocks from C21

    1. was just wondering the same thing! for those hungover mornings...

      you don't work at 195 bway, do you?

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        Sorry for the late response.

        Haha. That's exactly why I wanted it!! It's the perfect remedy.. No, I work at 222 Broadway. Two coffee carts on my corner and no sandwiches!

      2. There's nothing at the plaza in front of the brown brothers harriman building? That's actually a surprise.

        1. Not sure if breakfast carts are included in the Vendy awards:

          When I worked on Exchange food choices and carts were limited. I grabbed an egg & cheese on a roll w/a coffee at a deli.

          1. Welp, this may be a bit far for you, but in a pinch there are at least two breakfast carts, just south of the Bowling Green station, equipped with griddles.