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Jul 2, 2010 07:29 AM

Best Birmingham restaurant open Sunday, July 4? Brunch OR dinner

Hi all,

I'm spending this coming holiday weekend in Birmingham with a buddy, and we want to eat well. Very well. Saturday night is narrowed down to Highlands or Hot & Hot, but unfortunately both are closed on Sunday.

Does anyone know what is open on Sunday for a great brunch?

What about Sunday dinner? The only things I can find are Fleming's and Ruth's Chris. Not terrible places, but I really want to stick to local color, not chains.

Any advice is most appreciated!

PS as a third category, what is the best cigar bar in Birmingham? We have some high-end cubans to smoke, and we want some ambience to match! [Edit: the cigar bar would be for Saturday night after dinner.]

Thanks again.

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  1. For a good cigar after your meal Saturday, wander over to The Garage
    It's got an open-air courtyard, which is very funky. Cash only.
    A great brunch place in the area, The Veranda, is closed on July 4. Check out Little Savannah (the web site does not say if it's closed that day):

    Little Savannah Restaurant
    3811 Clairmont Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35222

    1. I would go with Highlands over Hot and Hot for Saturday night dinner. Although Hot and Hot is capable of matching Highlands on a good night, it is a lot more inconsistent in my experience.

      Sunday brunch:

      Chez Lulu-- (They are also open for dinner on Sunday
      )Trattoria Centrale--

      Sunday dinner:

      Fire-- (Also open for Sunday brunch

      Although the places above are usually open on Sundays, I strongly suggest that you call ahead to make sure they are this Sunday in light of Independence Day.

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      1. re: pinotboy

        Thanks for the brunch suggestions! I've read a few positive reviews of the brunch at Sol Y Luna -- any opinions?

        Sol Y Luna
        2811 7th Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35233

        1. re: pinotboy

          Oh, and based on the reservation times available we decided to go to Hot and Hot at 5:30 for dinner and Highlands at 9:15 for, uh, another dinner.

          Yes. Yes we are, in fact, hedonists. But we're going to have a kick-ass Saturday night!

          1. re: Skidmark

            I've got to hear about this double-header! What did you eat?

            1. re: Big Daddy

              Wow, I thought I'd replied to this in July, but apparently the post didn't, uhh, post.

              So, reconstructing from memory, I can tell you that this double-header was AMAZING.

              Hot And Hot is all that. We got there at 5:30 and sat at the bar, per suggestion, and brought a bottle of wine good enough to impress the staff (which was awesome). The chefs chatted with us all night, going so far as to describe, in detail, how they make their pork rilette so ridiculously amazing. Really great atmosphere, really friendly people. And the food was still the highlight. Everything we had was great -- not a single bad bite. I honestly can't remember it all; interestingly the thing that sticks out is that it was, by far, the best cheese plate I've every had. What makes a cheese plate miraculous? The selection of cheeses was wonderful, across a wide range of styles (many, if not all, local cheeses). Each cheese was paired with a different type of complementary garnish -- an apricot/mint compote or a duck sausage or a [something else amazing]. It was wonderful.

              Then we wandered around for a while until 9:15, when we got to Highlands. Again, this place is indeed all it is cracked up to be. Very nice atmosphere, more formal than Hot and Hot for sure, but not too stuffy IMHO. Fantastic service. And, interestingly, the dish that sticks out in my mind again is an appetizer. They served me the best beef carpaccio in the history of the world. Everything was wonderful, but that is what I remember 6 months later.

              We paid a college kid who we'd met earlier that day $75 to drive us around for the whole night (6+ hours, which would have cost us a fortune in taxis or whatever). We definitely could NOT drive after the wine and cocktails we'd sampled. We finished the night at some Belgian beer bar with an extremely hot AND knowledgeable bartender who gave us enough free samples that we didn't actually have to order any beers. She was bored, and we apparently made her laugh.

              It was a good night!

              1. re: Skidmark

                J Clyde was probably the beer bar. I did not know they had hot bartenders.

                1. re: Dax

                  She got hotter as the night wore on.

                  1. re: G200

                    Yes, it was indeed J Clyde, thanks. And since the two of us were already several cocktails and 2 bottles of wine in, I will admit that she may be hotter in memory than in reality. Also, I find deep knowledge of Belgian beer hot in a woman, so that may have skewed everything!

        2. Edit....Sorry Bright Star is Closed Sunday and Monday.

          The Bright Star is open Sunday night. Sandra Bullock took her Dad there. Should be good enough for us.

          The Bright Star @ 304 19th St. N., Bessemer, AL 205 - 426 - 1861.

          Bright Star Restaurant
          304 19th St N, Bessemer, AL 35020

          1. Try The Humidor Room on Hwy. 280, it just recently opened. You might want to call ahead and check the hours.

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            1. re: moggin

              Thanks for the suggestion! I looked it up and it looks cool (and we were planning on bringing our own wine anyway, which they'd open for free!). But unfortunately they close at 9 every night, and our second dinner that night (see post above) doesn't even start until 9:15.

            2. Although I would not call it a cigar bar by any means and it can be a little ... snotty (?), I sometimes like to grab some cocktails at Above which is the rooftop bar at The Redmont Hotel downtown. It tends to attract a (later) 20s to 30s crowd.