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Jul 2, 2010 07:14 AM

More restaurant closings in Blue Bell/Center Square area

According to Michael Klein at, both Tequila Joe's in Center Square and Domenico's in Blue Bell have closed.

Here's the link -

Not sure what this means for the Domenico's space - if they are closing to re-invent themselves or just walking away.

As someone who lives in the area, I am amazed that any establishment at that locale (73 & Penlyn-Blue Bell Pike) has not succeeded in recent years. I guess they are hampered by being such a large space.

They did have a great bar - as did Blue Horse. That is the one thing that is lacking in that area - a great "go-to" happy hour bar. Witness my Wednesday experience at Redstone in Plymouth Meeting where the outdoor and indoor bars were already packed at 5:30!

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  1. I thought it strange that both restos looked unoccupied when we drove by Wed evening! thanks for the info. it's too bad about Domenico's, I never did get over there.

    1. I think Tequila Joe's was just in a bad location and friends who tried Domenico's mentioned they were pricey, which won't work well given our current economic condition. That's why we love BYOB's. More bang for your buck.

      As far as the local bar - Broad Axe Tavern recently advertised in our local paper and their menu looks good. Haven't been there yet since the major renovation. Thoughts?

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        there are a couple threads about broad axe, either here or on the PA board. the reports I heard when the opened were "meh"... food not that great for the price. I haven't seen anything recently.

        1. re: curly girl

          I went to a small wedding there last month and I thought the food was excellent. Several pastas and salads, a steak dish, and dessert. We had drinks at the bar afterward, which was nice but seemed small (less of the focus than the restaurant, which is not necessarily a bad thing). I'm planning to go back soon for dinner.

          1. re: oliviasaru

            Thanks for the info. As an anglophile (been here since I was 12) the Fish 'n Chips on their menu caught my eye. Would like to see what the place looks like as I have not been there since the old Broad Axe years.

          2. re: curly girl

            Broad Axe's bar is very small - and right on top of the dining area. A real lose-lose situation. Usually no seating available at the bar and, if you get seated in the bar area - you can't hear and people are usually standing right next to your table.
            Why I liked Blue Horse's bar was that it was spacious and, they had a great bar menu. Redstone is good but they are always crowded!

            1. re: Betharu

              Never made to The Blue Horse - I did hear it was good. Hopefully another place will move in soon. I remember the large bar area from when it was Marabella's. Thank you again for the info. Have you tried the new outdoor deck at Spring House Tavern. Went there recently and they had live music on a Friday night. My new favorite place around here is actually a BYOB - Mina's Cucina Rustica in Spring House. Great food and the owner and staff are very welcoming. Look forward to reading more of your reviews on The Chow

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            1. It's not just recent years for many restaurants at that corner. Other than Marabella's (which wasn't all that long), many, many restaurants have come and gone there in the last 30 to 40 years. It's got to have something to do with competing with the Blue Bell Inn.

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                For eons of my childhood, we ventured out to dine at Wm Penn Inn and the Blue Bell Inn across from its opposing neighbor, Frank and Eddie's, which later reincarnated as Tokyo, Marabella's et al. F&E's always had a blue bell hanging on the Rt. 73 side which perplexed me no end as to why IT was not the Blue Bell Inn (any other pre-geezers here recallng that?) I frequently asked mom and dad why we don't eat there. "Its a bar" was the retort. End of discussion.
                In 1969, we moved just down the pike from Blue Bell. Frank and Eddie's lasted until the late '70s when it was abandoned and sadly neglected for several years. Tokyo sushi lasted a few months, as did Mr. Ron's. No one has done well there since.
                I think removing that blue bell disturbed spirits who long for its return. Call it "the curse of Pigeontown."

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