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Any Recs? Cotswolds: Mickleton, Chipping Campden, Broadway, Moreton-in-Marsh

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Any recs for reasonably priced (no more than 15quid main courses, ideally half that) delicious food in any of the following towns and villages: Mickleton, Chipping Campden, Broadway, Moreton-in-Marsh.

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  1. Broadway's on the "foreigners' coach trip" circuit and is heaving with twee places to have tea. Inevitably that means the food will be shite. Last time I was there, the village was packed with American and Japanese tourists obviously loving the place.

    Lygon Arms at Chipping Camden used to be a "dining destination" but, sadly, no longer. Menu is all "gammon and egg, or pineapple)

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      Thank you. We are aiming to avoid the tourists (despite being foreigners ourselves) and have a low stress lazy weekend. I get very worked up about about avoiding bad food and finding good food particularly while traveling.

    2. Several years ago, we had a lovely meal at a place called The Churchill Arms. It's in Paxford near Chipping Camden... quiet village and off the tourist beaten track. I was the only Yank around. I have a feeling it's probably changed hands by now, but it might be worth some investigating.