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Jul 1, 2010 08:51 PM

Restaurant supply stores in San Diego?

I'm almost ready to close on a house in San Diego... I love to cook, and the place has a fabulous kitchen! I'll be starting from scratch in setting up the kitchen, and hoping to hit a restaurant supply store to get the basics. Any recommendations? Looking for quality tools, but don't need name brands (and the house has pretty much already broken the bank).

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  1. San Diego Restaurant Supply. Downtown, on Market, close to Petco Park

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    1. re: DiningDiva

      That's the best one around 14th and market I think is what it is.

      1. re: DiningDiva

        There's also another one next door to that. I forget what it's called, it has a larger (if lower quality) selection.

      2. Talk to Lucy at San Diego Restaurant Supply at 619.239.8107, she's a fan of Chowhound and she'll know what you need.

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        1. re: deckape

          SD Restaurant Supply is a good but very expensive source and unless your a big customer, customer service can be a bit indifferent. On the next block over is FSE, some of the same brands, some lower and some used. It looks a little like someone's garage, but much lower prices and they treat everyone the same. Also try on-line. You can get some really good deals on commercial grade stuff.

          1. re: sdnosh

            Thanks, will definitely check them out. Do you have a favorite on-line supplier?

        2. Any opinions on the one on the east side of Kearny Mesa/Serra Mesa? Chef City or something?

          8310 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA 92111

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          1. re: deeznuts

            Been there a few times. They used to be located on Convoy and then relocated to their new (much larger) location about a year or so ago. Fairly good selection of cookware/utensils, etc. however the prices seem a bit high. I think you could probably get the same stuff for cheaper online.

            1. re: mliew

              I'm so glad they relocated... thought they had closed for good. Where's the new Chef City location?

              1. re: geekyfoodie

                Contact us anytime during our office hours:
                Monday-Friday: 9 am - 6 pm
                Saturday: 9 am - 3 pm

                Telephone: (858) 268-8888
                Fax: (858) 268-7888

                We are located at:

                9150 Clairemont Mesa Blvd
                San Diego, CA 92123

                1. re: mliew

                  I actually heard about them on knifeforums. I believe they carry CCK cleavers right? I may check them out.

                  1. re: mliew

                    This place sounds cool, I'll have to check it out!

                    Another place that has cheap cookware and bakeware is the carlsbad outlet mall, theres a le creuset shop and a couple of cook shops, especially good deal with an AAA card when you get the coupon book. Some of the stuff is a bit shoddy quality, but it might be worth a look!

                    1. re: jennywenny

                      So far I've gotten all my Le Creuset pieces at that outlet and if they are imperfect I haven't found the flaws. They have a large selection and all colors except for the most recent "exclusives" sold else where like the purple and Caribbean blue that I want, but eventually they arrive. Get on their mailing list and you'll get notified of their frequent sales. I believe every month they have a deeper discount of a specific piece or color.

            2. What do you guys think about Great News in PB? Not restaurant supply exactly. More like a local Sur La Table. I've been there for the sushi rolling class, and purchased a santoku knife and some condiments with the class discount, but that's about it. I was wondering how their prices compare to elsewhere or if they carry unique items worth purchasing there. I have a couple of gift certificates that can be used for the store or classes.

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              1. re: Island

                They are well stocked with home use items, but I think their prices are high. Even SD Restaruant Supply is way cheaper than Great News!

                1. re: DiningDiva

                  Yeah, they are on the expensive side, although if you get their newsletter there is always a 20% off coupon on the back. Personally, I buy all my cooking supplies at Bed Bath and Beyond using their 20% off coupons, price is usually cheaper than buying online at Amazon although obviously you have to pay tax.

                  1. re: mliew

                    i suspected they might be higher so thanks for the confirmation. Hate paying more when I can get a deal.
                    Yes mliew you're right about BBB. I had my eye on the Caribbean blue and purple Le Creuset french ovens at Sur la Table and they have those colors at BBB now. Sweet deal with 20% coupon and free shipping. Thanks for the reminder to check that online. I think I'll save my Great News certificate for classes.

              2. You'd think there would be a Williams Sonoma outlet somewhere between LA and San Diego. I think the closest one is in Las Vegas. I got a great deal on my All Clad the the WS outlet Memphis, TN.

                Check out the Crate & Barrel outlet in Carlsbad. I bought all of my dishes there, just wanted simple, white, basic. I think ten place settings along with some great small bowls & glass salad bowls were $60.

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                1. re: Barbara76137

                  The best place to go for dishes is home goods but you have to be willing to do a little work making a set. I've only been to the one in encinitas so not sure if they are all like that. They also sometimes have big stock pots for cheap.

                  1. re: SDGourmand

                    I forgot about Home Goods. It can be hit or miss depending on what yopu're looking for. I've purchased a lot of baking pans and a variety of serving pieces, platters from there. Got some great candle lanterns to hang over my patio dining table last summer.