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Jul 1, 2010 07:55 PM

Grocery Outlet July 2010

Went to GO for the first time EVER today!

Redwood City RWC:
-Hartford Reserve Baked Wheat Gourmet Crackers .99
-Hartford Reserve "Everything" Flatbread .99
-Fornini Rosemary and Sea Salt Cracker Sticks .99
-Goldbaum's Brown Rice Linguini Pasta 1.99

And "Floodplain 2005 Proprietary Red Wine" based on the wine guy's suggestion.
Are Sam's recommendations usually good?

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  1. Be sure to follow the directions on the Goldbaum's - boil, shock, sauce/reheat. Because it's made from rice, it will seem completely overcooked after boiling, but shocking it will bring it back to al dente.

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    1. Santa Rosa

      Good organics today:
      extra sharp cheddar & Monterey Jack cheeses with long dates
      Humboldt Creamery half gallons of milk - at least 3 types for $3.79
      Sommers Organic 1/4# beef burgers from Oregon $6.99 for 8 in freezer section
      Amy's frozen pizza & entrees
      Many choices for olive oil
      Canned fruit
      Eden sauerkraut
      Woodstock concord grape juice appears to be gone?

      1. Redwood City:
        Ciao Bella Sorbet Blood Orange and Lemon 1.49 a pint

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        1. re: Sophie

          That sorbet sounds great.

          Just wanted to give reviews about 2 products I had bought at GO.

          Beanitos chips (pinto beans + flax seed): nice crunch and taste. Bit salty. Don't know how much the flax seeds would be beneficial, as they are whole. But overall its a good snack and they say its low-glycemic too.

          Zhenga's gypse tea, Superberry. This has sencha green tea, cacao, raspberry and dark chocolate in it. The tea comes in gauzy packets that are cute. And I really like the tea. Does not get bitter, even if you seep longer. I have to stock up on this one.

        2. Anyone seen any DeCecco pasta at their GO lately ? For a while there, they kept getting interesting shapes, bronze die cut, organic, whole wheat etc for $1-$1.50 per kilo. Each time, I'd buy a couple, so that at one point, I had more than 20 pounds of pasta stashed away. After regular consumption, I'm down to only about 5 pounds left. I need to restock, but I can't bring myself to spend $4+ per kilo, because GO drove my price expectations way down.

          1. Novato GO today:
            I bought a bottle of the '05 Floodplain Red for $5.99 and opened it tonight. It was good with robust body and an excellent value. Saw this website reviewing it:


            I also bought:

            1. 2008 Adler Fels Gewurztraminer for $2.99
            2. 2005 Ravenswood Sonoma County Syrah for $5.99
            3. 2005 Westerly Syrah & 2007 Merlot (Lot 18) both for $4.99
            4. 2004 Waimea NZ Sauvignon Blanc for $2.99