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Jul 1, 2010 07:16 PM

Would you say something to the management about this?

Would this annoy you enough to make a suggestion to the management?

Tonight I went for the second time to this rib/steak place with a western motif. For the second time, they didn't put my bill in a leather bill folder, they just brought me the bill on a plate along with a lollipop (actually the second time they didn't even use a plate). I had nowhere to put my money except out in the open on top of the table. I find this highly annoying.

[I won't bother to complain about the the fact that the ketchup bottle was nearly empty and every other squeeze produced only a blast of air and a wheezing noise].

I felt annoyed about having to leave the coins and bills right out in the open on the table. I feel funny doing that. I guess it's kind of a privacy thing. Everyone can see the money right there. Also I didn't want to leave the restaurant until the server came back to take the money. It would have been too easy for someone to swipe it off the table when it was out in the open like that.

I don't think they use bill folders at all in this restaurant. Maybe this is in keeping with the western motif (presumably because at the saloon in the wild west they didn't use bill folders...the cowboy would just plunk his Morgan silver dollars down on the bar and saunter out).

Anyway, I was thinking of calling the management and suggesting that to improve customer satisfaction they might want to start using bill folders.

Or maybe not...maybe I'm just in a bad mood tonight.

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  1. actually I dislike those bill folders - they are frequently dirty and greasy.

    An empty ketchup bottle is annoying and the server ought to make sure his/her table is ready for diners - silverware/rollups, s + p and ketchup or condiments if the restaurant uses them.

    Not sure either of these is enough to complain about though.

    1. This wouldn't bother me. A lot of places use the plastic trays instead of the folders, so I'm used to leaving it out. If someone wants to steal, they can just grab the folder as easily as cash off a table. Maybe easier. I will in either case make sure to at least make eye contact with the server to indicate the money is there and ready.

      1. As I understand it, if the check is presented on a tray or in a "folder," then one is expected to pay at the table. If the check is simply left at the table, then one is expected to pay "up front."

        Do you ever post anywhere other than NAF? I'd be interested to actually read about the food you eat.

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          That's how I've understood it, too. Naked bill? Pay at the register. Bill in a folder? The waiter will hadle it for you.

          If they dont' use trays or folders, then they have no proplem with tip money being left on the table, I feel certain about that.

        2. i think that if something's bothering you about a restaurant, you should definitely tell management - for the most part, they are always looking for ways to improve their service, find new ways to up the customer exprience, and better their hospitality - after all, that is why they originally got into this business.

          1. I've been to many places that don't use the folders and don't see it as a big deal. I think it's much easier to swipe money when it's nicely encased in a folder as opposed to out in the open on the table. With the latter, you have to pick up the bills that are usually under something so they don't blow off the table. With the folder, you can just stealthily slide it under a jacket when you walk by.