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Cafe Estelle

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We will be in Philly one last day and I'm wondering if anyone can recommend Cafe Estelle for a great breakfast or lunch?Any other great spots? We LOVED Silk City Diner..doesn't look like much, but they have wonderful gourmet food.I had steak brisket eggs benedict...yummm!

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  1. yes, go to Cafe Estelle! great breakfast/lunch/brunch. they are one of my favorites. meats are smoked/cured in-house, menu changes based on what's available seasonally, service is cheery, food is fantastic.

    1. I am positively addicted to the duck and gorgonzola flat bread at Cafe estelle. They have also been having taco specials lately that look amazing but keep selling out before I get there (like by 11:30 last week!!!)