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Jul 1, 2010 06:08 PM

If you want a great Gyros and a killer deal- Crowd Cuts has a 12.00 gift certificate for 5.00

Killer deal, it's todays featured deal and I love this place.. Food is great.

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  1. As the offer is good only for a 24 hour period, this has now expired.

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    1. re: SmartCookie

      sorry, about that. You should still try this place it is very good :-)

    2. From the link, this is the place, since it isn't mentioned otherwise.

      Gyros Grill
      1710 E Old Shakopee Rd
      Bloomington, Minnesota 55425
      (952) 888-2121

      Gyros Grill
      1710 E Old Shakopee Rd, Minneapolis, MN 55425

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