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Jul 1, 2010 04:30 PM

what should i do with a ton of jam that didn't set?

i tried making plum jam this week. i couldn't find low-sugar pectin but tried to make a low-sugar recipe anyway and it didn't set. i haven't had that problem before, i just cook it longer but no matter what i did it still wouldn't gel up. i canned it anyway so it wouldn't spoil and i had already sterilized everything. so what to do with it? i'm too embarrassed to give away "compote."

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  1. You can certainly use it in making glazes for chicken and pork, and as a dessert sauce for ice cream or pound cake. Mix it into plain or vanilla yogurt. Get plain gelatin and make it into jello. But I would not hesitate to use it as jam - a little loose, so what? If you have so much that you need to give it away, bestow it upon understanding friends and family rather than presenting it to the boss or a perfectionist frenemy.

    1. Drizzle it on grilled poundcake topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
      Use it as pancake syrup
      A glaze for fruit (put into a pie maybe?)

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        I had a strawberry jam that became strawberry "sauce" when it didn't set because I played around with the recipe and was well received by fellow do it yourself-ers. I traded one jar for one dozen eggs and another for equal quantities of local raw honey.

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          Same with me, last year it was runny so my husband ate it on ice cream every night. This year I made sure to get it set and he won't touch it! Had to make another runny batch. My advice is, whenever you make a mistake, always pretend it was on purpose ;-)

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          +1. Growing up, we never bought jam, it was always homemade. Anytime a batch failed to set, Mom would turn it into pancake syrup. Even now, she does a few batches where she intends to have them not set up. Chokecherry pancake syrup is tasty...

        3. Topping for pound cake and ice cream (as others have suggested).

          It would probably still work in a jelly roll.

          1. I am wondering if it would work if you mixed some of King Arthur Flour's Clearjel into it when you openned the jar? I love the stuff as a pie thickener because it doesn't require heat to thicken so you can mix it with berries and see how thick your pie filling will be before you add it to the shell.

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              I just had something similar happen with a mint jelly experiment - not enough pectin, I guess. The result was perfectly canned thick mint syrup.... I may try opening the jars, dumping the syrup into a pot and boiling it again, adding a more suitable amount of pectin (what was I thinking?) and then canning it again.

            2. This link shows how to remake a soft set. It will require more sugar though


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                Chowmel, thank you for the link to such helpful info!