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Jul 1, 2010 04:21 PM

Looking for Fortt's Original Bath Oliver Biscuits in San Diego

Looking for Fortt's Original Bath Oliver Biscuits...

Anyone have a promising lead on where to find these in San Diego? No one seems to have them, even the British food stores that I've checked.

If you've ever had them, then you know just how special they are. Nothing else, it seems, will do! (Though I'm open to trying alternatives, I never crossed a biscuit quite like Fortt's... It must be the lard!)

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  1. I assume you've checked Shakespeare's Pub's store? What about ordering them online?

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    1. re: geekyfoodie

      Not really. I didn't even know they had a store, but then again I've never even been to Shakespeare's Pub...

      Thanks for the suggestion; I'll be sure to check them out, this weekend if possible.

      I know there are sources on the Internet, but like most consumables I'd prefer getting them in person from a walk-in store. (But like my failed search for Eitaro Kuro Ame and Eitaro Matcha Ame, I just may have to resort to on-line ordering...)

      1. re: cgfan

        Hahaha... sorry about the brief initial reply... I know you're very thorough, so I thought I might be asking about something you'd already covered. Definitely let me know if you find them there. It's a tiny store, but it has a lot of random items from the UK. Lots of consumables, although I don't recall seeing Fortt's.

        If this might offer some encouragement, I have been trying to locate a certain butter cookie for most of my adulthood. I just remember them being amazing and always a gift from family or friends who traveled to Japan. However, while I could identify the packaging on sight and the taste of the cookies, I didn't recall the name. It wasn't until you replied to my dessert-as-self-medication thread that I realized you solved the mystery of the delicious butter cookie of my childhood: Yoku Moku. ;) And you found them a few miles from my home. So, if anyone is going to find a galette of any sort from an ocean away, it's you.

        1. re: geekyfoodie

          Thanks for the encouragement geekyfoodie! It's been so long that I had spotted some Stateside that I can't even recall when I last spotted some; might have been at the long defunct Bronte House in P.B., or perhaps they used to be carried at World Market? Actually I couldn't even find them when I was last in England a year ago, though I didn't have that much time to shop!

          Oh my, Yoku Moku - one of the first things I look for in Japan's Depachika... And it's due to their incredible butter cookies that I have an entry for Neiman Marcus in the San Diego CH Spreadsheet!

          Now if I could only remember the brand of Italian Amaretti cookies that hits my sweet spot. All I remember about the brand is that it's very hard to find! But it's as close to the incredible Amaretti cookies that I remember from my chilodhood at the Wil Wright's ice cream shops in L.A.

          ...then there's my eternal search for Leur's hot dogs...

      2. re: geekyfoodie

        Finally checked out Shakespeare's; much larger than I expeted! Unfortunately the lady there said that she had never heard of Fortt's. A friend of mine also called the Brit store in La Mesa and the lady there said the same thing. ...add to this my experience of not finding any when I was in England a year ago.

        Getting to the point where I'm as interested in the story behind the distribution of these biscuits as I am finding the biscuits themselves! (Since they can be found online obviously they're being manufactured somewhere...)

        Any CH'ers out there with any leads or intel?

        As an aside there was a sign for some Devon cream butter (my favorite butter!) at Shakespeare's, but unfortunately they were out of that. At least now I have a source for the latter!

        1. re: cgfan

          I remember seeing a Brit shop in the village in Carlsbad..sorry I don't remember which street it was off Carlsbad Village Drive

      3. British store in Solana beach does not have them and neither does Major Market in Escondido, my go to store when I have a hard to find item. Was there today. 2 more places to scratch off your list.

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        1. re: Island

          Thanks for keeping your eyes open for me, Island! (Actually I had already checked both of these places out sometime ago, but it's always great to hear a more recent report even if the results are not what I'd wish for...)

        2. Okay. I know you don't want to do mail order, but you may have little choice.

          British Delights in Westford, Massachusetts sells the Fortt's biscuits you're looking for @ $7.45 each:

          At least they're on this side of the pond...

          p.s. The secret ingredients appear to be butter oil and palm oil.