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Jul 1, 2010 04:09 PM

Making Sausages - quick Q's

So, its Thursday. I've procrastinated and didn't get around to make those 4th of July sausage that I always wanted to try.

Do you think i can make all this in the same day on Friday and eat the next day for lunch? (chill, cut in cubes, grind, season, mix, chill, second grind (if necessary), chill, and stuff)?

Should I let the seasoned meat mixture to sit in the fridge over night or letting the meat hang out in it's casing good enough?

i'm assuming since this is chicken sausage, i can't cure it as regular pork or veal ones so i don't think we're going to dry hang these at all. No smoking- don't got the set-up for that (yet).

thanks guys!

i'm pretty excited about making these. it's been awhile since i made sausages, i hope i learned enough from grandma....

should i tie or twist the links? i don't want them to unravel or leak on the grill... any tips?

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  1. Yes. You can make these in a day and eat them the next. I have been known to eat them the same day. After a full day of sausage making, I am surely not going to cook dinner.

    I twist the casing, and then before cooking retwist to ensure that there is no leakage.

    1. They won't unravel on the grill if you keep the links attached to each other, but if you cut them into individual links the casing will shrink when you put them on the heat and the contents will gush out at the ends. My method for grilling fresh sausage is to bake a whole string of links in the oven at 350F (maybe 20 minutes, turning once or twice) until the casings turn completely translucent. Now you can cut them into links and they will retain most of their shape if you cut them into individual links before grilling. Also, I find it hard to get a cold, raw link completely cooked through on a grill without over-charring the outside. The par-cooking step takes care of this as well.

      Good luck.

      ps - here's another method that works.

      1. Thank you! Those are great ideas. i'm trying them this wknd!