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Jul 1, 2010 03:28 PM

where to dine and view fireworks in Lambertville?

A friend and I want to have dinner someplace in Lambertville where we can relax after dinner and view the fireworks over the river afterwards--preferably right from the restaurant, if possible. Good food is imperative. Suggestions?

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  1. Martine's in New Hope has dining on the deck, is on the river and directly adjacent to the fireworks barge (south of the bridge). The Landing's riverside patio in New Hope will also provide a view, but you'll be looking thru and over the bridge. Both have nothing special cuisine so you're there for the view 1st, the drinks 2nd and the food 3rd!

    Other places in Lambertville and New Hope are not directly on the river.

    We went last night, had a very good dinner outside at Anton's in Lambertville. Strolled down Bridge street and had ice cream at the shop near Lambertville Station then staked out spots along the railing of the bridge for the fireworks.

    People were lined shoulder to shoulder, 5 deep the entire length of the bridge. They were 30 deep along the Lambertville shore. Had to be 10000+ total. The fireworks were great and will go off every Friday at 9:30 through Labor day.

    1. We wound up eating at Manon, and it was quite decent, if not amazing. After the fireworks, we had a wonderful fruit crumble dessert at #9, a place I had not been familiar with, but will look forward to visiting for dinner sometime. The fireworks were more delightful than we'd imagined!

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        Great choices Elk! Both Manon and No. 9 are wonderful. Be sure to check out the short ribs when you have dinner at No. 9! They are heavenly! -mJ

      2. We went to Buho's just before July 4th. We were waiting for our food still when the fireworks began so we went outside to the corner of Kline and Ferry streets and watched. As we returned to our table, the food was served! It was really crowded when we arrived at the restaurant, many people left just as the show began, so I recommend making a reservation.

        1. For something more casual and spur-of-the-moment, Inn of the Hawke is not that crowded on Friday nights. We showed up at 7:30 last time and got a table for 2 with no problem. You can see the fireworks ok from their front steps, but my buddy and I walked down to the bridge along the towpath and watched from the riverbank. You really can't beat that view of the show! We walked back and had drinks at the bar before going home.

          Inn of the Hawke
          74 S Union St, Lambertville, NJ 08530