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Jul 1, 2010 03:02 PM

Mt Kisco restaurants

Has anyone tried the ethiopian or jamaican restaurants in Mt Kisco (near the starbucks)? I don't go there very often but I just noticed them yesterday.

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  1. I haven't tried the Jamaican place, but I liked the Ethiopian restaurant a lot. I've been there for both dinner and lunch- lunch special is totally reasonable, at 11 dollars. It's small, the decor is pretty sparse and the acoustics are a bit loud- but the food is excellent. I had the siga wat- basically stewed cubed beef in a spicy chili sauce- delicious. My husband had the doro tibs (cubed chicken with onions/pepoers) and liked it as well. Their injera (basic pancake that is eaten with all dishes) is as good as I've had anywhere. The staff is friendly and helpful- I'm definitely psyched this place opened in my town.

    1. Jamaican place is quite good. They make their own patties, and their jerk ranges from good to very good depending on the day. Their goat curry is good too. Haven't tried their escoviched fish...

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        The owner of Touch of Jamaica is very friendly as well. The food is very good and VERY reasonable!

      2. Did a new place just open in the space of Woody's On Main?