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Jul 1, 2010 01:25 PM

Quick lunch near South Station or Commonwealth Pier?

Looking for recommendations for a quick (one hour) lunch near South Station or Commonwealth Pier/World Trade Center (200 Seaport Blvd.) this Sunday, July 4. Thanks!

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  1. Any suggestions on the topic above or are we out of luck for lunch in this area?

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    1. re: chowcito

      Too many to list...need more description/preferences/constraints.

      1. re: yanz

        Thanks, Yanz. Ideally seafood, in the same vein as BG Oyster. So...oysters, lobster rolls, good beer/wine selection. Prefer casual setting, though not a sports bar.

        1. re: chowcito

          i've had decent (and reasonably priced, unlike BG) lobster rolls at Miel or Rumba in the Intercontinental. They also have oysters apparently. for a better beer selection, try Jacob Wirth (although they are more sausage oriented than seafood).

          Jacob Wirth Restaurant
          31 Stuart St, Boston, MA 02116

      2. re: chowcito

        j hook and daily catch (in the courthouse bldg) are both in that general area. i haven't been to either and don't know if either is open on sunday. the barking crab is also over there, but has received pretty bad press on this board.

        other, non-seafood, options are sportello & flour bakery. dunno about sunday hours.

        1. re: autopi

          Both are open Sunday's. I love Hook's but the only things you can order are lobster/crab rolls, clam chowder/lobster bisque and they'll steam you a lobster. No wine/beer but maybe you can byo . There are a few picnic tables.

          I'm not a huge fan of Yankee Lobster but if you can live without the good wine and settle for poor wine and decent beer, you can get a good meal in a very casual atmosphere at reasonable prices. It's a way different vein than B&G but fresh seafood and is just south of Comm Pier. As much a fish market as restaurant with communal tables.

          I primarily "use" it as a chowder stop during bike rides..:)

          Upscale, second Miel or SDLT.

          Yankee Lobster
          300 Northern Ave, Boston, MA

      3. South Station is a short walk from Chinatown that is filled with interesting restaurants.