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Jul 1, 2010 12:43 PM

Quick-need restaurant suggestions near carmel valley/UTC

I'm meeting a friend for some light dinner and a glass of wine or a cocktail and I'm totally drawing a blank! There about a million places I can think of that I'd like to go in midtown/hillcrest where I live but I cant even think of anywhere up here! maybe Iris?

Sorry to be vague, thanks in advance!

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    1. re: Captain Jack

      Cool, what kind of food do they have?

      1. re: jennywenny

        French bistro fare. Crepes too. My buddies dad is a Prof at UCSD, and he goes there quite a bit. You can check out their menu at The sell the $25 for $10 coupons there too.

    2. I like Wired a lot but was always disappointed by the dinner. I think it is a great place for breakfast and lunch. Del Mar is not far from Carmel Valley (Iris)- what about Kitchen 1540, Il Fornaio (yes, it is a chain but their food is not bad). Barolo (next to Wired) also has decent Italian food.

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      1. re: honkman

        I'm leaning towards Iris, I've been there for lunch and it looks like there are some nice apps for us to share. Thanks so much for the suggestions, wired definitely sounds interesting. Maybe I'll pop there for lunch since its close to work!

        1. re: jennywenny

          If i remember correctly from your blog you work at GNF. If you haven't done yet but Fibonacci (Waters Catering) is a nice lunch addition to the area.

          1. re: honkman

            Fibonacci's is doing special grill nights on Thursdays from 5-8:30 over the summer. Tonight's menu is:

            Clams and Mussels Steamed Court Bouillon,
            Wine, Garlic and Aromatics, Lemon Buerre Blanc

            Grilled Salmon

            Gloria Tamai White Corn on The Cobb
            Spring Hill Butter, Brittany Gris Sea Salt

            New Potatoes
            Chive and Parsley

            Very Garlicky La Brea Sourdough Garlic Bread