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Jul 1, 2010 11:32 AM

Yummy Yummy Falafel

Has anyone had any experiences with this restaurant that opened last week on Lex. at 55th? It is a falafel/salad bar shop. Supervision is by Kehilat Kashrut of Queens (R. Nesirov) (shomer shabbat, cholav yisrael and mashgiach temidi).

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  1. They are really busy during lunch, but the service was still pretty good! I had the Falafel and enjoyed it very much. Def. worth checking out!

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      I read a pretty elaborate review on They seemed to like it. I just tried Maoz today and was not too impressed. The best falafel I have had in the US was at perfect pita in fair lawn..that just seems wrong though I mean we're in New York City!

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        I think I said this on one of the other threads but "Golan Heights" in Washington heights has really really amazing shwarma and falafel. have you checked it out?

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          Sorry but the best falafel by far in manhattan is soomsoom on 72nd street.

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            Yummy Yummy is a reasonable option for lunch if you are in the area (on Lex between 55th and 56th). There is no airconditioning, but the whole front of the store is open to whatever breeze might be blowing off of Lexington. The place seems to be fairly clean. The best option when you get a falafel is to pay $2.50 for a side salad. This way, you can pack what you like, and as much as you like with the falafel.

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