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Jul 1, 2010 11:04 AM

cedar planks for grilling salmon

Where can these be obtained locally? Amazon has a set of 6 for $25 (inc shipping) but I'd like them for this weekend.

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  1. I think I saw them at Fresh Market in Hingham a couple of weeks ago.

    Further away (and worth the drive, IMO!) is a place on Route 6A in East Sandwich called the Gallery Gourmet. They have all kinds of planks for grilling, including some I used for hot dogs, hamburgers, and steaks. I may actually be going there this weekend if there's time.

    1. Not to be facetious, but what about Home Depot or some other hardware place that would stock a lot of wood (un-treated of course)?

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      1. re: heavydee

        yep, untreated. About $5 a bundle will last you and your neighbors years.

        1. re: trufflehound

          I but cedar shingles every year at Lowes or HD for roasting turkeys.

      2. Whole Foods has them in the seafood department of each store...

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        1. re: galleygirl

          I've seen them in Target in the past too.

        2. You can usually buy them, a quality hardwood charcoal, and nice salmon all at New Deal. Call first on the planks, though.

          1. They are about a buck a piece at Costco in a 9 or 12 pack, I can't remember the size. We live near a sawmill and have had them cut. At first we thought thickness mattered, but it doesn't seem to matter that much. That's the cheapest way, but we have to sand them.

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            1. re: runwestierun

              ditto Costco...had ones I picked up from Whole Foods and they seem to last about 2-4 burnings. The Costco ones are thicker so they should last a bit longer..the Costco ones also have a smoother finish...

              Planked Salmon...mmmmmm. One of my fav dishes :-)