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Jul 1, 2010 10:26 AM

Breakfast-Lake Travis area??

We live in Steiner and get up fairly early on the weekends. We love to go out for breakfast, but have gotten stuck in a rut and are looking for new, nearby options. We like to go around 8-9 am, but a lot of places don't open on the weekends until 11. Our regulars are: Mimi's and Panera in Hill Country Galleria and IHOP near Lakeline Mall. Any suggestions that are close to Steiner and open early on weekends? Also, we like to try to eat healthy. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Near Steiner you have Java Dive ( that is oriented towards organic food. They roast their own coffee and make some of their pastries and the owners are very nice people. I have not been there for breakfast but I think they have an extensive menu. Check it online.

    Going to Lakeway you have the new Artisan Bistro that have great pastries ( but they open a bit later than what you want for breakfast. It is a French restaurant but they have several homemade breakfast pastries (croissants and breads) and some brunch items.

    Continuing on 620 you have ( that is very small but have some great products for breakfast and lunch made right there. Very nice owners too.

    And if you have gone to the Galleria to Panera, you can continue on the Bee Caves road and go to Baguette et Chocolat ( It is also a very new french bakery with great croissants. There have been some discussion about them in this board ( They also have crepes and omeletes. I tried one of their omeletes and it was ok, a bit overcooked to my liking but the brie inside help to elevate it quite a bit. Their breads are ok as the dough seems to be overmix but nicely baked with a good crunch and much better than anything you will usually find in Austin.

    All these establishments will not have the same service speed as Mimi's or Panera's but the food quality is way way better.

    Hope that helps if you did not know about them.

    Java Dive Cafe
    1607 Ranch Road 620 N, Lakeway, TX 78734

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      Great! Thanks, that gives us a few options...

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        Well you got me when you said you like to eat healthy. But the breakfast tacos at Rosies are great. One time in your life you have to try the Suicide taco. They have lots of choices and you can't go wrong. But healthy, well live on the wild side once in a while.

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        Nice list! To that, I would add:
        Noble Pig, on 620 N on the way to Lakeline (opens at 6 am, blueberry waffles, smoke their own bacon)
        Los Pinos, on Hudson Bend Road - breakfast tacos, awesome salsa, Huevos Caribenos (w black beans)
        2 Hot Mamas, on 620 at Lohman's Crossing - breakfast tacos, 6 different salsas
        Also, you mentioned Ate Cafe - they make their own granola (and sell it packaged to go). I'm not a granola fan, but this is surprisingly good.

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          Tried Nobel Pig the other day. I think it is great for some new and different foods. I ordered a pulled pork & coldslaw sandwich and it was wonderful. Haven't tried breakfast yet. Terrible location.

      3. I second Java Dive! My husband and I went once for the weekend brunch (there was even live acoustic music). Anyhow, what I remember most were the home-fried potatoes. They had this smokey paprika-y seasoning and we really enjoyed them. The Sunday brunch menu was pretty extensive...all the normal fair (but healthier and BETTER versions of everything): omelettes, breakfast tacos/plates, waffles, etc. and they serve Ezekiel toast, which I love. The owner, Ronnie (sp?) came over to our table asked how everything was...nice guy. Lastly, I think it was in the Statesmen...something about Java Dive having one of the best Americano coffees in the city. And the coffee really was excellent. Roasted right on the premise. Unfortunately we live about an hour from Austin but do always make it a point to visit Java Dive when we're in town.

        Java Dive Cafe
        1607 Ranch Road 620 N, Lakeway, TX 78734

        1. Cafe Lago inside Lakeway proper does a good breakfast

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            Baguette et Chocolat is a wonderful place for breakfast. Arrive early as it is a small place crowded on weekends.