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Jul 1, 2010 09:30 AM

Craft Cocktails and Unusual Sodas

Just a quick question . . . are there a couple special bars not to be missed for craft cocktails (i.e. classic recipes, unusual ingredients, housemade bitters, etc.)

Also, are there any particular recommendations for restaurants or bars with good housemade sodas?

Or specialty food stores or liquor stores with an unusual selection of bottled sodas?

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  1. For soda, try Fremont Coffee (does the owner still make soda in the basement?).

    Scrappy's Bitters are made here in Seattle, and I think it was one of the bartenders at Tavern Law who started the company. Delaurenti will sell them to you by the bottle (Delaurenti is also another place to look for obscure soda).

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      Dr Brown's Cel-Ray Soda is at Big John's PFI
      Bottle-works might?

    2. For cocktails--ZigZag for sure, then I like both Vessel and Tavern Law.

      1. Mistral Kitchen has a great bar. The 'Courting Rachel' and 'Dragonfly Julep' are particularly great cocktails. Well-curated beer list as well. Food as good as ever but now a la carte.

        Mistral Kitchen
        2020 Westlake Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121

        1. I loved Dry Sodas when I was pregnant. Their lavendar flavor is still a favorite. They have a tasting room in Pioneer Square, but they may not qualify as obscure any more as I've seen them in many area grocery stores.

          1. There are a number of previous posts here or on the Northwest board about Murray Stimson at Zig Zag - that is the current local fav.

            Zig Zag Cafe
            1501 Western Ave Ste 202, Seattle, WA 98101