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Jul 1, 2010 09:09 AM

CG Burgers in Jupiter

I felt this place deserved it's own thread since it was under 'New In PBC':

CG's Burgers is open in Jupiter and it's a no frills type burger joint. There's a few burger combinations but mostly just the run of the mill, nothing too exotic. Most burgers are $5.50 and up to $7 for the kobe beef burger (5oz). Sides of fries cost you an extra $2 to 2.50 .They have a small salad bar and a few sandwiches like filet mignon.

The 'bigger burger' was a 7oz patty for $7and pretty good. The beef was too dense for my preference probably because of a too low fat content. Toppings are free from what I saw and they have three groups of them. Fresh cut garlic fries were kind of weird since mine had garlic powder on them and not minced garlic. I say weird b/c they charge you an extra 50 cents for garlic fries. What's up with that?

Brass Ring still serves a better burger. Grease Bar would be next and then CG's judging from my solo visit to the latter.

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  1. Brass Ring has awesome burgers, if I was going up that way I'd still stick with them I guess. Your review sounds like you're kind of "meh" about them, no?

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      Yes, maybe you should give it a try. But it is more expensive than Brass Ring. Also, you may want to try Relish in WPB or even the Pelican Cafe's burger just down US-1 from Brass RIng @ Park Ave/US-1.

    2. CG's Burgers and Coal Fired Pizza pilot store opened in Palm Beach Gardens a month ago or so. Look for them in the near future in the Coral Springs and other surrounding south Florida areas. Burgers are good and have other options like a brisket, filet, and a buffalo burger. Onion rings and french fries are good and they also have sweet potato and zucchini fries. Salad bar looks really good and they have gelatto shakes as well. Add coal fired pizza and coal fired chicken wings similar to Anthony's being served.

      With Shula Burger opening up in the near future, I see it as an all out burger war for business in SoFla. Both CG's and Shula Burger plan to go nationwide.

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      1. re: freakerdude

        Shula Burger is a big indicator that burgers have officially "jumped the shark". NEXT!

      2. A prominent S Florida food writer is slamming the service at an unnamed but "newly opened" burger joint in the PBG/Jupiter area.

        Seems CG is not that "newly opened" so I'm wondering what it could be?

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        1. re: CFByrne

          Burger bar has had some bad reviews on service and the way it is run. One example is you can't sub sweet potato fries out for reg fries. You have to order them for $4 extra.