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Jul 1, 2010 09:04 AM

Viejo Domingo--NW Denver--thoughts?

I just heard about the newish Argentinean restaurant in NW Denver called Viejo Domingo--has anyone been there? And if so, how was it?

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  1. No, but I'll go with you!

    1. Mixed, I've been there twice....not sure if I'd go back or not. First time, was when they just opened, had a wonderful Strip steak, good bread, good service. Note, at that time, if you wanted to leave a tip, you had to in cash or run your CC through twice, there ws no tip line on the slip. Service was mixed but good, they'd only been open about two weeks. That have a very loud stereo system and we asked them to adjust the volume, which they happily did.

      I went back with friends 2 weeks ago and it was awful, so bad that two of the five people, sent their food back for being too salty and overcooked. You could not eat the steak, it literally tasted like it had been soaked in salt, the kind that makes you rush for a water glass. And the chicken was burned, actually black on one side and you had to fight to cut it with a knife. The brought out new entrees, chicken was much better the second time around, but the steak, still not edible and salty, and the second came, while originally requested Medium rare, was well done. It was removed from our check, but it was frustrating, as my poor friend, never did end up with an edible meal and picked off ours. Kinda spoiled the evening.

      Atmosphere is cute, service nice, but not sure I'd go back.

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