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Jul 1, 2010 09:03 AM

Where to find a Po Boy in London?

Does anyone know if a decent Po Boy exists in London?

I'm keen to find one for my next Sandwichist article:

Many thanks indeed.


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  1. I'll be very surprised to find one of those in London; it's really 'niche', don't you think?

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    1. re: Nii

      I agree. But I do think there will be one somewhere. It'll just take some serious hunting down.

    2. I've looked for New Orleans food in this city before and it doesn't exist. I had a revolting concoction labelled as "gumbo" in some place in Camden a few months ago and nearly cried at how bad it was. I've had to learn to make my own.

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      1. re: kiswa

        Bugger. Looks like this could be a dead end. Maybe I'll just have to fly to New Orleans instead.

        Have you got any suggestions for any stand out sandwiches in London instead?

          1. re: t_g

            was gonna say Automat, but was terrible last time I went. Lovely service, massively overpriced and shudderingly dull food.

            1. re: skut

              I think kiswa might be talking about the Blues Kitchen in Camden.

              Browners, you can definitely get a po' boy there but I can't vouch for quality.

              1. re: DollyDagger

                Yeah, that's the place. Ate there about six months ago. My girlfriend had a fish po' boy there that looked like a bad fish-finger sandwich. Cheap frozen fish, hopeless bread and drowning in mayonnaise. My gumbo had never been within a mile of a roux and contained enough chilli to melt the plate. Lovely staff, fun place to drink, but awful food.

                If anyone knows anywhere to get edible cajun/creole food in the UK, please speak up!

                1. re: kiswa

                  I don't think I've ever even seen Old Bay Spice Seasoning which is pretty basic to a lot of Southern dishes. Canjun/creole doesn't seem to have hit these shores yet, but it should!

                  1. re: zuriga1

                    Places where you can find Old Bay Seasoning:
                    Panzer's Deli, St John's Wood (NW8)
                    Whole Foods, Kensington (W8)
                    Outsider Tart, Chiswick (W4)

                    Maybe some other places! I think the guys at Outsider Tart sometimes make Cajun food, and they make it well, but it's not available often so you'll have to speak to them about making specific dishes.

                    1. re: Ibrahim.Salha

                      Thanks! Chiswick I never get to, but I do make the occasional journey to Panzer's or Whole Foods. I probably never looked for the Old Bay but at least now I know it's there!

                    2. re: zuriga1

                      Old Bay? Never heard of it until I moved from New Orleans to the Midatlantic. Back home we use Chachere's. If anybody has seen it here in London, please let me know - I've been hoarding shakers of the stuff brought by visiting relatives!

                      1. re: souhaite

                        And here my son told me long ago that Old Bay was a part of New Orleans cooking... ├ętoufee, jambalaya etc. Wait till I get a hold of him!

                        If you look at Ibrahim's posting above mine, he says where you can find Old Bay in London. I hoard Glad Wrap. :-)

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          1. 3 years on, did you ever find a decent po'boy this side of the pond?

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            1. re: ccomley

              Just to prove that the best things come to those who wait...

              Shrimpy's - which is in a converted "gas station" (I guess we should call it to maintain the American theme...) by the canal at the back of King's Cross - serves a fantastic shrimp Po Boy.

              It's a "shorty"; and it costs the best part of a tenner (gulp!) for something that, without restraint, is gone in seconds; and it's more refined than dirty...but, God is it good!

              1. re: Gareth_UK

                Well I know the location but - a tenner - sheesh - cheaper to fly to New Orleans!

                Have to see how the craving's doing next time I'm in the area.


              2. re: ccomley

                No po'boy, but there IS a muffuletta on the menu at this place in Marylebone:

                I see a favourable review here: