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Jul 1, 2010 08:57 AM

Any DC Restaurants Serving Beef or Lamb Shank?

After watching yet another episode of the Food Network's The Best Thing I Ever Ate, I now have an insatiable craving for beef or lamb shank. I want meltingly tender meat falling off the bone that has been slowly braised for hours on end. Can anyone provide restaurant recommendations for where I can order this in DC?

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  1. That show is like a gateway drug. I have heard the Food Network described as porn for food lovers - and that show definitely fits the bill!

    I don't have a specific beef or lamb shank recommendation - but last weekend I had the most amazing pork shank at Rosa Mexicana's at the National Harbor. It was scrumptious! The mixed drinks were great (pricey - but typical DC) and my date's short ribs were equally delicious! ... and of course, if you have been there, you know their tableside guacamole is a must have.

    Hope you find what you are looking for ...keep me posted!

    1. Lebanese Taverna has a great lamb shank on the menu, I think the dish is called Mouak perhaps? I had it a couple weeks ago in their Arlington location, but I assume it is on there DC menu too. It comes in a light tomato sauce with bulghur pilaf.

      If Tosca has it on their menu right now, theirs is fantastic, really, really fantastic.

      1. Man, I had the best lamb (any part) of my life when I had the lamb shank at the Majestic in Old Town Alexandria. It was on their winter 2008/2009 menu, and it hasn't been back since. I'm seriously contemplating begging them to bring it back this coming fall/winter.

        I haven't been able to find other restaurants that serve it braised either. Not too crazy about tomato sauce with lamb, as I prefer a "gravy" made from the shank's own juices or lamb/beef stock. But may be desperate enough to try the one at Lebanese Taverna soon...

        1. Try Central, I know they had lamb shank on the menu in the winter/fall and it was amazing! My husband ordered it twice in a row.

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            I have had this, it is really good. Very rich, but really good. Also I know Sette Bello in Arlington often has it with risotto, you might see if Sette in Dupont has it too?

            Sette Bello
            3101 Wilson Blvd Ste 100, Arlington, VA 22201

          2. Lyon Hall, the new Alsatian restaurant on Washington boulevard in Calendon, has lamb leg on the menu.