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Cannoli Tubes !!

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I am having difficulty finding cannoli tbes in my town...one online recipe stated to use plumber's copper tubing that you can buy at the hardware store. I saw a reference in a book which stated the same thing.

My concern is the heat transferring some copper and/or chemical into the cannoli shells.

Does anyone have any experience using copper tubing to make cannoli shells?

Any, and all, help will be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Why not just buy cannoli forms online? I bought mine very cheaply on ebay.

    1. Fantes sells several sizes. www.fantes.com
      Scroll down the menu on the side and click on canolli

      1. also keep in mind that aside from chemicals, copper may be treated with lubricants of some kind like other plumbing related items. it might be tough to get it food safe clean. i'd go with fantes as already mentioned unless you're in a hurry.

        1. I sawed down a broom handle for cannoli tubes. But if you are not in a hurry, the online options by others look good. Lots of copper cookware exists, so I would only worry about any treatment or liner of the metal.

          1. Ateco also makes some nice ones, however, I use copper tubes from a hardware store. So much cheaper, and works the same! I've never worried about a coating, just give them a good scrub before using.

            1. I cut the bottom out of a foil pan, cut it into squares (rectangles, really) and wrapped them around a dowel to make my own for free (I have foil pans coming out of my ears) They work just great and you can make them whatever size/diameter you want

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                That is such a good idea! I was ruminating, trying to figure out where to get little forms to turn pizelle cookies into mini ice cream cones. I was making it too difficult and you solved it for me. Thank you, Sarahjay.