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Jul 1, 2010 06:47 AM

Cafe Capriccio (Albany)

Looks like Cafe Capriccio is offering a complimentary bottle of chianti with dinner for two during July:

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  1. Great deal...thanks for the link!

    1. thanks for the tip. i still have yet to get there so maybe this will be the incentive.

      1. Another reason that this is my favorite restaurant in the Albany area! I'm just sorry I won't make it to town to take advantage of it.

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        1. re: Cachetes

          We went last week. The duck ragu and tagliatelle was delicious. You can order their pastas as an appetizer or full portion. Really appreciate having the choice. I had a special salad with grilled mushrooms, very good. I really like their eggplant appetizer. They grow their own tomatoes so their caprese salad is really good in the summer. On Friday they have live jazz. One of my favorite restaurants in the Capital Region.

          1. re: financialdistrictresident

            Went to Dine the other night. They're still open . . .

            We nibbled on homemade breadsticks while SO read the wine list. We started with escargot (served with grilled bread) and calamari apps. Escargot was a VERY generous portion. Calamari was cooked perfectly and served with aioli (our favorite) and cocktail sauce.

            I had the Dine salad. Gouda, dried apricots and cranberries, nuts, etc. One of my Dine favorites.

            SO had the linguini with white clam sauce. He said it was served with spaghetti and not linguini?

            I had the lobster club with goat cheese on grilled bread. Rich and decadent.

            It was refreshing to avoid the weekend crowds at Twenty 8 Tables and Sperry's. There was a couple at the bar and a few tables of diners. Not sure how long Dine will remain open until it becomes Capriccio Saratoga. If you're in the mood for a relaxing dinner, there's still time to go and enjoy.

            1. re: financialdistrictresident

              Went to Cafe Capriccio for dinner recently. I was craving their duck ragu and sadly it's not on the menu. Their duck and risotto dish was very good but didn't satisfy my craving for their delicious duck ragu.

              We started with the eggplant app and arugula salad with grilled mushrooms and a lemon vinaigrette. I forgot what SO had for his entree.

              To promote Capriccio Saratoga they gave us a complimentary thin crust pizza. Their new wood-fired oven from Italy cooked it in about 90 seconds!

              Capriccio Saratoga will be a welcome addition though we will need to return to the Albany location for our favorites since the menu in Toga will probably be different. Lighter fare, different concept.

              Cafe Capriccio is one of my favorite Albany restaurants. Always consistent. Excellent service. Can't wait until summer and they grow their own tomatoes for Caprese salad.

              1. re: financialdistrictresident

                FDR- Have they indicated an opening date for Capriccio Saratoga?

                1. re: markabauman

                  We didn't ask. Late May/early June was what I read . . .

                    1. re: financialdistrictresident

                      finally going this weekend for the first time. i'll report back.

                      1. re: davmar77


                        If you like duck and they have it on the menu their duck ragu with tagliatelle is a favorite :)

                        1. re: financialdistrictresident

                          first off let me say this was supposed to be a special birthday dinner for my wife. what a disaster. when i made the reservation there was no mention of restaurant week and only that limited menu would be offered. also, out of their control of course, it was an unusually cold night and all four app choices were cold which didn't go over well with her. she settled for rapini with white beans and i had mussels with lemon over arugula. both were good but nothing special. for my main course i had the eggplant with four cheeses. it was good but nothing more. she ordered grilled tuna with an olive tapenade. as my wife is trying to eat better and neither of us eat meat, that was her only choice from the supplied menu. the tuna was inedible and she sent it back with no replacement. she ended up having the side items only. for dessert i had tiramisu which was ok and she had chocolate orange gelato with strawberries. that was very good. overall it was not a great meal and considering how long we've waited to go, i can't say how soon we'd want to return. under normal conditions, i think they would have taken her main dish off the bill but that wasn't the case, maybe because it was a price fix? no table visit from a manager. are we the only people to ever go there and be this unsatisfied?

                          1. re: davmar77

                            davmar77, so sorry your experience was not a good one . . .

                            1. re: financialdistrictresident

                              I'd like to think it was an aberration, an exception to the rule due to the timing being restaurant week. Even the best of places can get overwhelmed at Valentine's, Easter, Mother's Day and Restaurant weeks can be the same. I would hope you might consider a return second-chance under more normal circumstances.

                              1. re: markabauman

                                yes, i can understand they can get busy during promotions like these but that wasn't the case as far as i could tell. it seemed like a normal size crowd with nobody waiting. one of the wait staff told me that open table was supposed to change the reservation notification making it clear about the special menu but it did not happen. i had no idea it was restaurant week. i would not have chosen them for this occasion if i knew.

                            2. re: davmar77

                              My personal rule is to avoid restaurants during Restaurant WeeK.

                                1. re: gerchak198

                                  Which is possible if you know it's Restaurant Week. Perhaps davmar77 wasn't aware. He certainly didn't know that Cafe Capriccio would only be offering a special menu. I went to Garden Bistro 24 during Colonie Restaurant Week and they had a special menu but also their regular menu. Cafe Capriccio was clearly wrong to not mention that their regular menu wouldn't be available.
                                  Personally, I'm not too fond of Cafe Capriccio. I went to a special dinner in their upstairs room a few months ago with Jim Rua himself cooking for us. I found the food to be overly salty, to the point where I couldn't eat much of it. I noticed others at the table also weren't eating much, so I don't think I was alone in my assessment.

                                  1. re: AmyH

                                    i decided to send a copy of my review to the e-mail contact from the restaurant. they too thought i was not handled correctly and offered to reimburse me or send a gift certificate to come back during regular dining. i opted for the cert since i do want to see what they are like under normal conditions, especially after all the good things i'd heard.

                                    1. re: davmar77

                                      we went back a few weeks ago and it was night and day from the previous visit. everything was much better from the food to the service. as we were going to a show we decided to just have main courses since we didn't know how our time would be. i had a special of wild striped bass topped with roasted tomatoes served with an amazing risotto with gorgonzola and roasted golden beets and topped with sauteed asparagus. the entire dish was superb. can't recall what my wife had but she was very happy with everything. i need to do an updated review and let them know how pleased we were.

                                    2. re: AmyH

                                      Update: had dinner there tonight in the upstairs room with Jim cooking again and the food was superb. Not too salty at all.