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Jul 1, 2010 04:09 AM

Recommendations Needed for One Final Wow Meal Before We Head Home

We are staying near Certaldo, not far from San Gimignano. Looking for a memorable food experience for our last dinner before we go our separate ways.


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  1. If I were in that area, my fantasy would take me to Arnolfo, a MIchelin ** that has been fondly written about on this board in the past.

    There is also a Michelin * place in the Certaldo old town that you might look into in addition to all the other alternatives in San Gimignano, etc

    Hope you report back on your expereinces on this trip!.

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    1. re: jen kalb

      Thanks Jen
      Now with so much collective experiences from all you Chowhounders surely there are others who have some ideas, perhaps if we broaden our search to the Chanti area too? We are not necessarily looking for Michelin rated, blow the bank, but great food in wonderful surroundings that will culminate a great two week family trip with only four of us left after the rest of our family go home.

      We have a car so off the beaten track is fine.

        1. re: zerlina

          Consider Badia Al Coltibuono - interesting thought and effort put into the menu, plus the site is unique. Lamole is pleasant enough for afternoon lunch, esp sitting on the small terrace above the car park, but it does not rise to "Wow" levels.

          1. re: wristband

            if meat would wow you, you might consider one of Dario Cecchini's restaurants in Panzano (Ive not been): Sounds like it would be an experience