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Jul 1, 2010 01:14 AM

How To Smoke Country Style Pork Ribs

I learned about barbecue in Birmingham Alabama where I was turned on to the art and science of soul food.

While I loved all the exotic foods I'd never been exposed to it was the soul food that powered me on a daily basis: Oxtails, Collard Greens, Smothered Chicken, Fried Pork chops, Whiting Fish Sandwiches, Skins and Pieces [ Chicken Wings simmered with skin on potatoes] the list was endless and I was determined to winnow the finest from a city whose offering were seemingly endless.

I did manage to become a respectable soul food cook after years of experimentation.

How do y'all smoke your country style pork ribs?

I cook 10 pounds at a time but you can cook less if you'd like. The first day I eat them as barbecue with Archibalds [from Northport, Alabama] sauce. The second day I eat them as carnitas tacos on El Milagro tortillas. The third day I like to use them in a stir fry.

There is no fourth day.


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  1. I suppose there are people who don't live in Alabama, Texas or perhaps Kentucky who might try to smoke country style pork ribs.

    I suppose.

    While those results might range from iffy to acceptable [just like barbecue restaurants that aren't located in the Big Three] they could always give the following a shot . It won't transport you to the great state of Texas but at least you can eat like a Texan and fantasize a bit.

    Smoked Country Style Pork Ribs


    10 lbs, Pork Ribs, Country Style [the ones cut from the blade end of the pork loin]

    Salt, Kosher, Sea Salt or another good kind of non iodized salt

    Pepper, Black, Fresh Ground if possible

    Charcoal, 18 lumps [Hard wood lump works best but Kingsford will do the trick]

    Hickory, 6 Chunks, baseball sized, soaked in water for at least a day


    * Generously salt and pepper the ribs, use lots of both til you have a good crust all over the meat

    * Build your fire

    * When your charcoal is almost completely gray give your smoker a little shake and let the embers settle

    * Put soaked wet wood on top of embers

    * Arrange meat on grating on opposite side of fire, open vent all the way over the ribs

    * For first hour let smoker cook at full heat with vent all the way open

    * For second hour close vent half way

    * For third hour and onward close vent 90% of the way

    * Your fire should give you about 4 hours of heat, 100's of factors contribute to the longevity of the fire so your results may be shorter or longer

    * At the 4 hour mark your ribs should be fork tender, if they're not, place them in a big baking pan and finish them in the oven [at no more than 200 degrees] til tender

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      Fancy digital photo of result of above recipe. Thanks scrumptiouschef

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        Just tried the above recipe but altered a bit.

        1 c. Salt
        1/2 c. Pepper,black,coarse ground
        1/4 c. Turbinado
        2 T. Chile Arbol,ground

        Obviously a lot more flavors coming off this rub. The Arbol and the Turbinado get along pretty well making the pork start sweet then finish with a bit of heat at the end.