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Jul 1, 2010 12:58 AM

Help me understand this chorizo

I went to the grocery to buy some chorizo for Spanish rice. I couldn't find it so I asked the meat man and he said they were out of pork chorizo but they had beef. OK, so it was fresh beef chorizo. I got it home, took it out of it's casing, put it into the saute pan and it dissolved to nothing! No little nubbins, nothing. It looked like tomato sauce in the pan. What did I buy? Is this how it's supposed to be?

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  1. no idea what you bought, but no... perhaps the mistake was to buy it at the grocery store... I buy mine from the chorizo guys at the st lawrence market

    1. Perhaps you purchased fresh Mexican chorizo? I find that the grind of it is really fine (at least the ones I've had). While it hasn't disintegrated into something that resembles tomato sauce, I haven't found too much of a bite.

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        That does sound like fresh Mexican chorizo - it will disintegrate into almost a red paste. That's the only type of chorizo that I can find.

      2. Most Mexican chorizo is ground super fine and cooks down to a thick sauce consistancy. Peyton makes a beef chorizo in little links that just meltsdown to grease, no bueno.

        1. Thank you. The pork kind I'd bought in the past was more like sausage. I was surprized when it disappeared.