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Jun 30, 2010 09:09 PM

Cooking Classes in Nice, France

I will be traveling to Nice for a short time this coming November and would like to do a one-day cooking class. I can only seem to find one, Les Petits Farcis with Rosa Jackson. This looks interesting, but it's in her apartment, and she is a cook book author and food writer, not a chef. I was hoping for a more professional or educational kitchen setting and chef instructor. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. A friend of mine lives in Nice, and took a cooking class at L'Univers de Christian Plumail and loved it, conducted in his kitchen with just a few people, on a Saturday, I believe. She said that Chef Plumail is a terrific chef and a most gracious man. The website for his cafe is
    I found his Email somewhere, then misplaced it. It's I'm fairly sure. If that isn't it, it's He'd surely reply if you contacted him. His cafe, I recall, is 1 Michelin star, not 3, but I'm told that it's a most enjoyable place to dine.

    1. Not in Nice, but in the hills above (near Grasse), Kathie Alex, an American ex-pat) teaches classes in what used to be Julia Child's house in Provence. You might like to check that out.

      1. thanks very much for the info. both are great tips. i'll be sure to check out both options.

        1. Bonjour jmbella, I realize it is nearly a year since your post but I just came across it as I was searching for info for my upcoming return trip to Nice. I have found it is the norm for many cooking classes in France to be held in the private kitchen of the instructor. Rosa Jackson is well known in the food industry. She is an accomplished chef, restaurant critic, journalist, and author. If you have an opportunity to return to Nice or perhaps be in Paris or NYC when she is "cooking" at one of the upscale restaurants or schools, please do sign on. You will not be disappointed. I am returning to Nice this summer and taking my second class. The first class was a three day market and cooking class. Rosa tailors the class to her students desires, engages all the students during the day, makes sure one leaves with practical information, is available for follow-up, and most of all - makes her student cooks feel like "chefs'. If you are looking for a professional and educational kitchen setting and instructor, Les Petits Farcis is spot on.

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