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Jun 30, 2010 07:58 PM

Good Calgary Stampede Eats

Let's hear what you all love to eat at the Calgary Stampede? Don't tell us about what you heard is good! Let's here what you LOVE and look forward to every year. For me it's the mini-donuts (Those 'lil Donuts only) and pineapple whip! I found a new place last year that served beef on a bun. Not the gloopy saucy kind but a quick grilled, thin sliced beef. I forget the name, I think it was Beef Brothers or Brothers something.. Hope they are going to be there. The $13 turkey legs are revolting. more week until I completely abuse myself!

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  1. Deep fried mac and cheese FTW!

    1. I'm not a Stampede person... However, one year I had a friend come in from out of town and we decided to make the best of it by eating the worst of the artery clogging food items. In one night we had deep fried cheesecake, a hot beef sundae, taco in a bag, foot long hot dogs, bbq bison ribs, mini donuts, deep fried Coke all washed down with a Reese's blizzard type treat and Lemonade.

      Needless to say we felt disgusting after... and now I just go with one bag of those l'il donuts and a tall glass of lemonade - IMHO the rest are not worth the calories.

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      1. re: foodkarma

        Was anyone selling a hot beef sundae this year? I wanted to try it but didn't see it anywhere.

        1. re: 23skidoo

          The guy standing in line in front of me at the Bull’s-Eye Cookshack across from Nashville North ordered one. I'd never heard of it before. didn't look too appetizing to me, lol. However the beef on a bun was delicious.

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            Sorry this is too late now but yes we went out to the grounds one night and they did have Hot Beef Sundae this year. We saw it at one stand and passed.

            Had the regulars - Taco in a bag, poutine, mini donuts, lemonade... and we also tried chips on a stick. It was just ok. I also tried the Schnitzel on a bun... agreed with the poster below - it was alright but I prob won't get it again.

        2. Looking forward to corn dogs, mini donuts, yummy corn, lamb in a pita!

          I've had the deep-fried oreo cookies and it tastes pretty good! I liked the turkey leg. One turkey leg actually fed 4 people!! Truly.

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            Re lamb in a pita- I have to agree. The only place I've had real and quite good gyros in Calgary has been at Stampede.

            I love that chicken schnitzel stand- I went to a "Kirmes" fair in Germany on May 1 and this is exactly the sort of thing they sell there.

          2. Was at the Stampede last evening in the rain. The lamb gyros were good as promised. The beef sandwich place I think you mean is called Butcher Boys. The beef looked amazing but we didn't try it.

            Having never taken part in the 'deep fry anything' fad I had to try the deep fried Snickers bar. Good but not something I'll seek out again. The same booth (I was at the one by the BMO Center if there is more than one) had strawberries, marshmallows and cheesecake dipped in chocolate all of which looked good but I was determined to try the deep fried crap so passed on them.

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