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Jun 30, 2010 07:24 PM

July Openings and Closings

Here we go again.....anyone have any info on openings and closings? A few possible openings I can think of include Journeyman in Somerville, Back Bay Social Club, Stats Bar and Grill in Southie, and Canary Square in JP.

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  1. I'd be shocked if Canary Square opened in July. I hear they're going to do major renovations. What's Back Bay Social Club?

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    1. re: purple bot

      Back Bay Social Club is going to be a casual American neighborhood-style bistro that is moving into the old Vinny T's space on Boylston Street. The Lyons Group (Summer Shack, La Verdad, House of Blues, etc.) is behind it.

      1. re: purple bot

        What information do you have about Canary Square?
        Where is it goning to be?
        What will it be?


        1. re: gutterman

          I can't really post a link to the article I wrote on the place, but Canary Square looks like it will be a bit like Coda in the South End (the Coda/Common Ground folks are behind the place). Figure on comfort food and a decent beer list.

          1. re: gutterman

            What hiddenboston said... and as far as "where", it will be where the alchemist was in JP.

        2. Other possible openings this month: Towne, Umami, Bull, Canteen, Vapiano.

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          1. re: MC Slim JB

            MC- Can you give more info on Umami, Bull, and Canteen?

              1. re: MParente

                Umami is the new Japanese/pan-Asian place outside of Washington Square in Brookline.

                Bull is the Korean/Japanese place and new holder of the Bon Chon Chicken franchise in the downstairs of the Galleria in Harvard Square, former home of Shilla.

                Canteen is the Slow Food fast food place in the former home of the Friendly Eating Place between Harvard and Central Square: I knew they were in soft-open mode, not officially open.


                1. re: MC Slim JB

                  If theyre still in soft opening, it's been a long time. I'm a fan, but I wouldn't call it destination dining by any means. You could do a lot worse if you're nearby though

                1. re: Prav

                  Especially the second attorney...

                  1. re: Bob Dobalina

                    FYI - "Bull" is "fire" in Korean phonetically just as "bulgogi" literally means "fire beef." I guess it'll be a place with in-table kalbi/bulgogi grilling?

                    1. re: digga

                      I believe you are right about this: grill-table BBQ will be a focus at Bull.


                      1. re: digga

                        I wonder if they'll have dog-meat soup.

                        1. re: Alcachofa

                          Last I looked, that would be illegal here. It's not very popular in Korea, either: technically illegal in the South, where I believe it is mostly consumed occasionally by older Koreans for alleged health properties (like virility).


                      2. re: Bob Dobalina

                        Speaking of law firms, Bull is located in Harvard Square, as is my fave law firm name of all time: Dewey,Cheatem (SP?),& Howe, which is across from Cardullos.

                        1. re: southie_chick

                          Just to be clear, that's actually Car Talk headquarters, from NPR. Not an actual law firm.

                          1. re: Fly

                            Excuse me!! They are Car Talk's LAW FIRM! ( ;>} !! )

                            1. re: fredid

                              If I remember correctly, they started off as a patnership - Dewey & Howe. When they decided to add a 3rd partner, they decided to put Cheatem's name in the middle - it gave them a LOT of publicity that way (the window even shows up sometimes on Ally McBeal I think).

                              1. re: southie_chick

                                To be clear, their lawyer is Hugh Louis Dewey - as in Donald Duck's nephews - and that is his law firm. The law firm name is a very old lawyer joke, probably predates vaudeville.

                                1. re: lergnom

                                  The Three Stooges used that in bits all the time : )

                                  1. re: bostonbroad

                                    Yep, I remember that. It never stopped being funny either!

                    2. re: MC Slim JB

                      Vapiano opened on the 24th. Went in on the 25th. Definitely some growing pains -- the food was surprisingly quite good (i had a pasta dish with sausage) and it was fun to watch it cooked right there, but the concept left me wandering aimlessly at first. Didn't know if I had to bus my own table, one item was brought to me but the other I had to wait for, and I was served a different pasta than what I asked for. Still, it was fascinating to watch the chefs go at it like clockwork, which is where it seems the majority of training was focused. I'll come back for the food, and hopefully it runs smoother when I return. I'd say it would make a good quick lunch spot and a good "first date" kind of place -- built in entertainment in case the date is a dud!

                      1. re: kbarry1726

                        Funny, I had same experience when they opened in Dallas. Food is quite good and the atmosphere in the bar area was right on, but the whole process is a bit weird. I went twice and it never seemed to flow...or maybe it was just me... I think your description is spot on, though.

                    3. Just read that a new restaurant called Poe's Pub is going to be opening on Tremont just west of Mass. Ave. in the South End. Anyone know anything about this place?

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                      1. re: hiddenboston

                        I wonder if it's Brian Poe from Rattlesnake, as his operation there is dubbed "Poe's Kitchen at the Rattlesnake"

                        1. re: tatsu

                          That's what I was wondering, too.

                          1. re: tatsu

                            Well I can ask Brian I guess, might be a bit embarrassing if it wasn't him

                            1. re: tatsu

                              The Herald reported a few months back that Brian Poe was doing two things with the Bukowski people: Persia, a Mediterranean-themed place in the South End, and another Poe's Kitchen, location TBD. Not sure how this South End space fits into those plans.


                              1281 Cambridge St, Cambridge, MA 02139

                              1. re: MC Slim JB

                                How far would you say one can travel west of Mass ave and still call it the south end? I always thought that Mass ave was the boundary for no particular reason.

                          2. Towne is definitely opening, all they need to do is hook up the gas and electric in the kitchen.

                            Dewey Cheeham & Howe are the offices of The Car Talk guys on NPR, Tom and Ray Magliozzi.

                            Unique Chinese Food on Cambridge St, Cambridge will be closing. He plans on upgrading the Allston location after that and not only bringing the "real" menu over, but expanding it. I'm enjoying it while it lasts in Cambridge, the dumpling are really good, so are lot of items, such as the handmade noodles, so many things!

                            He told me Thai owners purchased his restaurant.

                            1. Not sure of the timeline for opening, but the ledger is reporting that there is a new restaurant proposed for the old Littlenecks then Karma location. The new restaurant will be named Stockholders and is being proposed by the owners of Inn at Bay Pointe.