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Jun 30, 2010 06:53 PM

Downtown Large Party Restaurant Help!

My company will be in Seattle this fall, and I need help finding three restaurants that can handle a party of 30-60 people, preferably within walking distance of the Fairmont. I'd love to NOT have to go to a chain and would like mid-priced if possible. I know, I'm asking a lot! Please help hounds!

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  1. I just looked at a bunch of places for my firm's holiday party around the same area you're looking are a few ideas:

    Farestart (a charity that teaches restaurant skills). They can do small to large parties, plus catering.
    Campagne (excellent food - my firm had an excellent holiday party there that I was super disappointed to miss)
    Palace ballroom (Tom Douglas)
    Hotel Andra (catering by Lola - Tom Douglas)
    Hotel Monaco
    Wild Ginger (not my fav, but I am pretty sure they have big private rooms upstairs
    Seastar (a bit of a walk...but the food is good)

    86 Pine, Seattle, WA 98101

    2100 24th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98144

    1. not to tarnish the luster of tom douglas' crown but kevin davis' two places (steelhead diner at 1st/pine and blueacre seafood at 7th/olive) both offer wonderful, affordable dining with kevin's unique touch and both have private banquet facilities

      1. I've been to 2 very enjoyable business events at Purple Cafe and Wine Bar. 60 might stretch their upstairs room capacity but it is perfect space for 30. Good food and good wine.

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          Thanks for the help. Keep the suggestions coming!