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Jun 30, 2010 06:28 PM

Old San Juan and San Juan - best espresso and coffee places?

Hello, San Francisco chowhound here.

I've heard wonderful things about Puerto Rico coffee-- and I like coffee.

I'd appreciate any tips on places with good espresso and coffee too. I'll be staying in Old San Juan this weekend, but plan to go to San Juan in general so all tips are great! Thank you!

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  1. Although PR is known for its wonderful coffee, dont expect to find places that specialize in coffee. Just go to a "panaderia" (spanish for bakery). If you are staying in OSJ I would recommend La Bombonera. Sit at the bar, order a nice cup of coffee and a mallorca with butter and powdered sugar (their specialty).

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      Thank you. My husband and I tried La Bombonera and loved the coffee (probably served with milk). It was a highlight with a mallorca with butter! We got excited and tried Cafe Mallorca as well, but were disappointed. La Bombonera was definitely better coffee wise. We miss the coffee/ preparation already.

    2. I'm sorry but I disagree with mcolon. Don't go to any "panaderias". Most of them don't know good coffee and "cafe colao" is not the best way to enjoy our coffee.

      Next time try "Caficultura". Best coffee in Puerto Rico. Great place, great service, great menu and reasonable prices. IMHO they serve better "mayorcas" than in that other place. I'm a coffee nut and own my own espresso machine (Jura Capresso) but I can't deny they make WAY better coffee at Caficultura. In old San Juan, right on Plaza Colon, you can't miss it.

      Check them at Facebook:

      1. Your best bet is to find a small private coffee "finca" or farm on the island that grows & processes real "cafe del pais" - a really quite ancient strain of pure Arabica. Fincas exist that custom fresh roast & ship! The new 2010 harvest on the island is just beginning.

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          I'll be in OSJ in December and would love to visit one of the fincas any suggestions of people to contact?