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Jun 30, 2010 05:32 PM

I'm growing some hops in SoPo finally!!

Hey now, i got some Cascade Hops in the soil finally. Couldn't get the rhizomes anywhere really but came across a couple vines at the Deering Oaks farmers market thankfully and we are excited! is anyone else growing any of these bad boys in the local area, just wondering how yours are doing. I know its going to be a couple of years before we get any action out of them but im just excited to see how they do round here.

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  1. Hey! Glad to hear you are growing Hops! I have been growing Cascade Hops at willard Beach for about 6 plus years and this is the best year yet! I currently have them poled and are actually flowering, very early. We harvest them to contribute to Sebago Brewing Co's seasonal Harvest Ale in the fall. Where in South Portland are you?

    1. I have two rhizomes in the ground each of Hallertau, Horizon and Fuggles in Portland. Last year was their first year, they just grew up about six feet and died off with all that rain. This year the Hallertau is already about fifteen feet high, hoping to get some hops off them this year. Haven't flowered yet, but here's to hoping.

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        I am have been growing Willamette here in Cape Elizabeth for about 8 years. Added Cascade two years ago. I am thinking of adding Hellertau. See my blog post about my hops at:

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          Wow, good to see so many people growing here. Looks like you have a way more intense system going there CEMaine than I do! Lots of good info, thanks. My vine is taking off pretty good with all the great weather. Grows a couple inches a day which is wild, I can't stop checking on it every couple of hours to see its progress! We're down in the Willard beach/Beales area of sopo with a lot of exposure so everything in the garden including hops are taking off. How do you guys harvest / care for your vines? I brew so I def want to process this stuff right!

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            first cones shaping up, vine growth slowing. Got to be about 13ft or so.