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Jun 30, 2010 05:29 PM

Best Chow on the North Shore. Period.

What is your #1 on the North Shore ? The place- no I mean THE PLACE - you go for that perfect experience of great food, classic NS vibe, good service...the total package. I am too jaded at this point to pick one...but it might be Duckworth's in Gloucester. ...but I need to report back from Market, in Annisquam.

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  1. 62 on the Wharf in Salem. Although I'm rooting for the new kids on the block, Market was a bit of a disappointment . Will give it another try sometime.

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      Tryst in Beverly. Had the habenero steak there recently with grilled corn and it was flat out delicious. Great service as well.

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        Blue ox in lynn is a great spot good wine list killer wagyu sirloin special last weekend cool vibe

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          I have to agree with @shaebones. 62 on the Wharf is excellent, and the Market in Annisquam was enormously disappointing.

    2. I like Zabglione's in Ipswich, haven't been for sometime. He has a excellent wine selection as well.

      1. I'm equal fans of 62 on wharf and Tryst; really super spots.

        1. Jack Tar's, Marblehead. Hidden jewel!

          Jack Tar Restaurant
          126 Washington St Ste 2, Marblehead, MA 01945

          1. The North Shore is now home to several great chef-owned restaurants. The Market in Annisquam has excellent, locally sourced food in a beautiful relaxed setting. Both chefs are from Chez Panisse in Berkeley, CA. For a seat on the water with and terrific food, it's definitely worth the drive.

            5 Corners Kitchen recently opened in Marblehead and Barry Edelman, who was previously chef at both Lumiere and Aquitaine is serving up some marvelous meals there at very reasonable prices. It's a small room, though, and can get noisy. 62 on Wharf is also quite good, and Chef Tony Bettencourt's signature is amazing hand made pasta. He has started to source locally as well and is currently using produce from First Light Farm. The Blue Ox in Lynn is always a pleasure, I haven't had a bad meal there yet.


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              I absolutely love the Blue Ox. Ate there 2 weeks ago. Itwas wonderful. Sixty Two on the Wharf is also very good. I usually go to Jack Tar's every other week since I live in Marblehead. The owners Emily and Scott are terrific and the food is very tasty.

              Blue Ox
              191 Oxford Street, Lynn, MA 01901

              Jack Tar Restaurant
              126 Washington St Ste 2, Marblehead, MA 01945