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Jun 30, 2010 05:26 PM

Casa de Mateo, Old Montreal

We had not been to Casa de Mateo for several years but remember it having good (if not spectacular food), excellent guacamole, good (if not excellent ) service, and decent portion size for the money. Sadly, none of that is true any longer. Chips were stale. Guacamole is billed as "being made fresh at your table". It wasn't made at our table, probably because we're pretty sure its the guacamole from Costco (good, but not worth $13.50 for 2). Portions sizes were minute for the price. My husband had the Camarones...he had 6 small shrimp (for $22). The avocado on his plate was simply 1/4 of a plain avocado with no dressing or flair We had to ask 3 times for glasses of water. And to ask for a refill of pepsi. And had to wait for the bill, long after they took the empty plates away. Our meal was 76 dollars with tax and tip (no dessert, only one margarita). It should have been a 40 dollar meal for porton size and quality. We will not be back. Oh, by the way...the margarita was very good and not outrageously priced. so if you want a good margarita with stale know where to go!

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  1. Yeah, they now cater mostly to large groups and tourists who don't know better.

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    1. re: sweettoothMTL

      Agreed. I work around the corner and always groan that we are having yet another office lunch there.

    2. Sorry the experience was so bad. If you're interested in giving Mexican in Montreal another shot, I recommend Le coin du Mexique (2474 Rue Jean Talon Est), Amaranto (5974 Monkland), or Itacate (67 rue Beaubien east).

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        True Le coin du Mexique is a nice place to go! Sombrero on Belanger used to be very good, but it is a long time I havent been there!