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Jun 30, 2010 04:50 PM

Saturday night dinner in Stamford

We are looking to meet friends from New Haven about half-way. We are coming from LI and my Stamford office is 40 miles from us, so that is as good a place as any. We are in Landmark Sq. and when I drive north on Atlantic off 95 there are lots of places. Any recommendations of whether any of them would fit the bill. Good food, casual would be better, not too high end.

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  1. Atlantic may boast a lot of places, but none of them are that great --altho a couple of new Indian places have opened between Main and Broad that raise the bar. Given your requirements of casual and reasonable, there's a very easy on the wallet and conviivial resto directly across from Landmark Sq on Broad -- Pizza Bistro. Don't be put off by the name. While their really good thin crust pizza works well as app, their entries are very well prepared and priced. Family run, warm service, and very fun atmosphere. And of course a block off your route is Summer St. with all kinds of possibilities ... Barcelona, Tawa, Eos. Bedford St. offers a lot of al fresco dining .. which is fun on a Summer night. While I'm not a fan of Capriccio because I think their fare is medicocre, it does have a great vibe outdoors at night.

    Since your office is in the middle of this rialto, check out menu's and space around lunch time.

    1. Telluride on Bedford st. sounds like what you are looking for.

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        We went to Telluride several weeks ago and vowed to never return. We found it to be waaaay overpriced for what you get.

        I enthusiastically recommend Barcelona in Stamford! Good food, terrific vibe. Very unique for the area.