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Jun 30, 2010 04:31 PM


We want to watch the Quarter finals on Sunday. Atmosphere is important, great breakfast would be bonus.

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  1. You realize there are no FIFA World Cup games scheduled for Sunday July 4.
    Quarter-finals are Friday (2nd) and Saturday (3rd).
    Semi-finals are Tuesday (6th) and Wednesday (7th).

    Also which team were you going to cheer for?
    You don't want to be the lone Argentinian voice in the pro-Germany bar.
    Or maybe you do.

    That being said The Ship and Anchor

    Here is a list of places I found

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    1. re: cancowboy

      Yes, I just found out...lucky that I read the European news.

      Ship & Anchor is in German hands now that the Brits are gone?

      Thank you for the link.

      1. re: worldwidestuff

        Not sure where the 'official' German bar is. I just figured The Ship & Anchor would be the most interesting.
        Also there are probably a large number of bars open that are not on the lists - for example Kensington Pub opened last Sunday for the England-Germany game.

        Maybe The Unicorn?

        At the Unicorn Pub downtown, which will be opening throughout the tournament at 8 a.m., manager Tamara Robertson anticipates a diverse crowd of soccer enthusiasts.

        "We have a really solid group that has been at the pub the last couple World Cups, so they are just losing their minds right now," Robertson says. "The majority are from European countries. We've got the German and got the Dutch and we've got some South Americans."

        Based on prior experience, Robertson doesn't anticipate any fan-on-fan violence. "I think they'll be pretty friendly," she says. "They've already brought down their soccer garb that they want to put up all over the place, from their country."

        Read more:

        1. re: cancowboy

          The Kilt and Caber in Mckenzie Towne is also showing the games and has some small crowds that have been growing as word gets out they are showing the games. Great breakfast for 5 bucks also.