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dog-friendly in Charlotte, NC

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Hi everyone! My family has recently relocated to Charlotte and we love doing stuff outdoors with our dog. We've visited many cities where outdoor dining was possible with one's 4-legged BFF, so we're hoping to find a few options in our new city. Bonus points if the food is really good, and even better if the place is close to one of the dog parks :-)

Help? TIA!!!

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  1. Dogs are allowed on the patio of Philosopher's Stone in the Elizabeth neighborhood (I think it's on 7th St? That or Caldwell). There is also a Dog Bar in the NODA neighborhood where dogs are welcome.

    1. If dog is your passion I say go with Korean cuisine. No one can prepare pooch like our Korean friends.

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        a-hahahaha... no. Of all the delicacies my Korean roommate in college introduced me to, *dog* was not one of them. I would love to find a great Korean place in CLT tho.

        Seriously folks, no other foodies in town are ever caught out & about with their dogs at chow-time?

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          There's a Korean place out on Monroe Road that gets a lot of love on this board. Haven't been but would like to. I can't think of a place that has outdoor dining that would object to your dog provided it was quiet and on a leash.

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            I have been to Cho Won Garden a Korean restaurant on Independence Blvd. near Crownpoint Executive Dr. I enjoyed it very much. I have never taken my dog out to dinner and I stay away from his bowl. So far things are working out fine for us. I guess I have no french in me?

        2. If you haven't found it yet, the US National Whitewater center is a great place to dine outdoors with your dog. The food is good, they have a decent beer selection, and you can hike off your meal afterwards!