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Jun 30, 2010 04:23 PM

Booze flavored Ice Cream

I love Ice Cream mixed with some alcohol in it but I'm looking for some new flavors to try at home. Anyone have some good originals?

-I've tried a bunch of versions of Stout Ice Cream (Chocolate/Milk Chocolate/Malt)

-Avocado/Beer (taken from a local ice cream store)

-some whiskey Ice Creams

- Rum/Coconut, Rum/Banana

Some Tequila and Beer ideas would really be great.

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  1. Try something with Kahlua and chocolate chips.

    For beer, a beer float always floats my fancy ...

    1. this one sounds SO good to me - i'll bet it would be fabulous topped with crushed pretzels:

      sigh. i wish i could still have beer...and pretzels.

      and if you like prunes:

      1. I love marsala in ice cream. Topped with berries!

        1. I like Sambuca on a good coffee ice cream

          1. Bourbon is great in brown sugar ice cream, with raisins or figs. Bourbon also works very nicely with maple and chocolate in ice cream. Here's a link for a bourbon ice cream with a touch of molasses and a maple-caramel swirl and candied bacon bits, adapted from a David Lebovitz recipe:


            I think of using tequila and lighter beers (not lite beer) for sorbets, but here's a easy no-churn margarita ice cream recipe from Nigella Lawson:


            Here's a recipe posted at chow using raspberry wheat beer. I'm not familiar with the brand of beer the poster used, but any fruit beer, such as Cherry Kriek, or a domestic fruit flavored wheat beer, would work: