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Jun 30, 2010 04:15 PM


Here's my story - I cook relatively often but rarely from scratch so I decided to make a nice simple pound cake from scratch. (No boxed mix) I went online and found a simple recipe for a cream cheese pound cake. OK. Here we go: It called for cake flour. I did have some but it was from an old box that was well over a year old. Can cake flour go bad? I was using butter from Target. (I know. I know. It's a long story). But it was within it's exp. date and smelled and tasted fine. It called for vanilla and almond extract. I used my homemade vanilla extract for the first time but it tasted a little weak so I added a little extra but only a tsp. Not enough to hurt a cake. (I'm hoping.) I put it in the oven and it rose beautifully. After the correct baking time I checked it with a toothpick. It came out a little too moist so I gave it another 5 minutes. I let it cool for an hour, turned the non-stick Bundt pan over and it came out still looking fantastic. I was SO proud! After another hour I decided to try a slice. So I sliced through it but the slice was odd looking. It's hard to describe but here it goes. It's like any oil formed visible clumps and went to the center of the cake. But at the same time the whole thing was dry! But not neccesarily over cooked. Actually the taste was not bad but the texture was SO WRONG that it cancelled out any enjoyment you might receive from having a slice. We forced ourselves to eat about a quarter of the thing so as not to be completely wasteful, declared it a complete failure and tossed it in the trash. And I hung my head in shame.


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  1. Cake flour can go bad, but you probably would have smelled that it was bad if that were the case. You also mentioned that the cake rose, which suggests to me it wasn't the flour.

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      Did you use butter or oil in the pound cake? It sounds like the oil or butter was not completely incorporated into batter. Did you use an electric mixer? Another possibility is that butter was too warm. Don't give up - I have been baking for years and recently had a failure with muffins. Tried making them again [very carefully] again a failure. Decided it was the recipe : ) and found another recipe that worked fine.

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        Okay, so I'm not the only one who has that kind of experience. I remember a recipe for lemon squares that I had very successfully made for a few years. Then one day, it just stopped working. I gave up after the second or third failure.

    2. It is difficult to tell what went wrong without seeing the recipe. It could many reasons and one could be that it is just a bad recipe.

      1. Thanks for all the suggestions. I'm still a little reluctant to try a cake from scratch because it started out so beautifully (I almost wanted to take a picture), and then turned out so depressingly bad! And thanks for the encouragement,specifically from Bethcooks. It's nice to hear that from someone with baking experience. I guess I'll just try a different recipe next time. ( I refuse to cave in to Sara Lee.)