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Jun 30, 2010 02:12 PM

Ribs in the Hudson Valley

I need some serious ribs! Looking for a couple recommendations for the Hudson Valley area. I'm from Monroe...but willing to travel a bit for something really worth it. Please help! I have been craving them for weeks now!

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  1. big w's, wingdale.

    worth the trip, even from monroe. i haven't tried the place in newburgh, but big w's rocks.

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    1. re: bob gaj

      Stay away from Hudson's Fish and Ribs in Fishkill, their ribs are dis-gusting.

      I second Big W.

      1. re: bob gaj

        The place in Newburgh is Brotha's BBQ, about half a mile south of 5 points intersection on Route 32. Pretty good. Try the rib tips special... tasty and inexpensive.

        There's also the place on Route 44 in Gardiner, about 100 yards west of Route 32. Pretty good, but only open Saturday, Sunday and Monday until he runs out of food.

        1. re: georgeb

          I second the recommendation for Brothers BBQ. It's in New Windsor, right on the Cornwall town line. Their ribs are terrific, as is pretty much everything else.

          1. re: JessNY

            I have been meaning to go to this place. Brothers BBQ. I kinda forgot about it to tell you the truth. I can't wait!!

          2. re: georgeb

            Sad to report that Brotha's BBQ I mentioned above was burned to the ground by a fire a couple of days ago. Hope they get a chance to rebuild...

        2. Bailey's Smokehouse in Rockland County - good BBQ

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          1. Thanks everyone! Can't wait to try these places!

            1. Barnstormers on 9W in Fort Montgomery. (Used to be in Newburgh off 17K.)

              1. I like the Hickory Smokehouse, just outside Kingston, NY at Exit 19.

                Just go west on Route 28 a mile or two and it is on the left.

                Great ribs and slaw. Smoked turkey legs.



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                1. re: Fred19

                  Certainly Big W's.

                  But also Round Up Texas Smoked BBQ, on the west side of Route 9, just south of the intersection with Route 301.

                  Great brisket -- I prefer the lean version -- and my wife loves their ribs. More take-out than eat-in, but isn't that true for a lot of BBQ joints...