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Jun 30, 2010 02:10 PM

6 hour layover in DF and need dinner rec

I have a 6 hour layover in Mexico City coming up. Though I travel 4 times a year to Patzcuaro, I've, sadly, never been to Mexico City. Someone suggested that I take a cab to La Condessa and find a restaurant there. Any recs? Someplace that I could get to call a cab to take me back to the airport is needed.

Or any other area that you think. Hoping to hear from Cristina.

Brooklyn and Patzcuaro

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  1. Marlene, what time of day will you depart from the DF? Depending on traffic, six hours might not be enough to get you into the city, have a meal, and get you back to the airport.

    There's another thread about this very topic, with similar time restraints, somewhere on the CH Mexico board. If you can't find it, let me know.


    1. Yea, time of day is important to know, as is whether or not you're landing from outside Mexico and must clear immigration and customs, pick-up luggage, etc.

      Clearing immigration/customs can take 30-45 minutes, depending ...

      The airport's inside the city so the trip to Centro Historico or another neighborhood will take between 30-45 minutes during much of the daylight hours.

      You should probably be back at the airport a couple of hours before your outbound flight's departure. So, as you can see, you may not have a whole lot of time. But, a couple of hours at a restaurant, at least.

      What type/kind of restaurant and food are you looking for?

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        thank you. I'll be coming from inside Mexico and the six hours allows me to arrive at the airport two hours before my international departure.

        In essence, I think I have a good six hours.

        I arrive at 5 and wont be collecting luggage, which will go straight through to NYC. Any rec would be appreciated.


        1. re: mhughu

          ps. i realize that I'll arrive when the restaurant is empty, probably 8ish after walking around a bit. El Raco sounds good......

          1. re: mhughu

            We dined at El Racó last week. Overall, it was very good. (Report to follow when I have time.)
            However, if you are seeking somwhere Mexican (you didn't say), El Racó is not it. It's what I'd call Catalán with nuevo touches.

            I know that you are spoiled for choice for Italian restaurants in New York, but Nick Gilman recently told me that Rosetta, on Calle Orizaba in Roma Norte, was the best restaurant in that area. We didn't get to try it, but the bread we bought from the bakery was excellent.

            For a classically Mexican restaurant choice, I'd pick El Bajío. The one at Parque Delta is closest to the Airport, loosely speaking.

            Another good choice, if you arrive into Centro in the afternoon, is El Cardenal, the original one on Palma.

            I'd recommend arriving a day early, get a nice hotel and enjoy a leisure meal or twio without any possible stress.

          2. re: mhughu

            That's enough time to catch either the museum of anthropology or the museum of contemporary art in Chapultepec park and enjoy a good meal in Polanco. I'm not sure about the museum hours. The airport as you know is in an uncomfortable area in the east of the city, but should be a 30-40 minute cab to Polanco (not the green cabs). Polanco along Masaryk and the Poet -named side streets has wonderful shopping and restaurants.

            1. re: Veggo

              thanks, that sounds like a good idea.


              1. re: mhughu

                Patricia Quintana's Izote is in Polanco, expensive but one of the first of the alta cocina mexicana restaurants in the city. Presentation and sazón...

                A bit further afield, try El Tajín, Alicia Gironella's restaurant. Sra. Gironella is the grande dame of alta cocina mexicana and her restaurant is still one of the highlights.


                1. re: mhughu

                  I like the El Bajío idea -- it's classic Mexican food done right, and the corn tortillas are among the best I've ever had. If you go, *please* order the empanadas de plátano -- you won't regret it. You could dine in the one in Polanco, and try to catch one of the museums, either Rufino Tamayo or the Anthropology Museum. The latter would be a lot to squeeze into even two hours, but if you're okay with feeling slightly overwhelmed, it's worth it.

          3. As you haven't been to Mexico City I'd go to the centro historico and have lunch at the Gran or the Majestic overlooking the Zocolo. The food is not absolutely marvelous at either place but it is the heart and soul of Mexico City and an unforgettable experience.

            1. Why don't you try Monte Cristo Meson in Colonia Lindaviste which is not too far from the airport? It is authentic, traditional, in a neighborhood, and off the tourist-y path. Rick Bayless took his staff there on their most recent annual staff trip to Mexico. he spoke highly of the food.

              Monte Cristo Meson, Insurgentes Norte 1980.

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              1. re: mexicophile

                Monte Cristo Meson has the most beautiful website!

                1. re: bronwen

                  Yes! It is very old-world but modern at the same time.