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Jun 30, 2010 02:07 PM

Walking distance to the Brooklyn Bridge?

Hello, we're going on the walking tour of the Brooklyn Bridge and have no idea where we might walk to in the area for a good casual meal.... All cuisines are on the table.
Thanks for any help.

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  1. 5 Front - bistro food with nice outdoor area
    Superfine - southern american food in brick loft-like space
    Noodle Pudding - delicious local italian place in Brooklyn Heights, fresh flavors, but busy
    Jack the Horse - delicious bistro food
    Grimaldi's - order pizza to go, eat it in the park
    Henry's End - upscale American with a focus on game
    Rice - mediocre food, but good ice cream, adn nice outdoor eating area
    Fascati Pizza - good local pizza place
    Iron Chef House - good local sushi, reasonably priced

    I also heard a rumor that the Red Hook Lobster Pound is serving lobster rolls at Fulton Ferry near the ice cream light house.

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    1. re: flower_puppy

      FYI: Lots of those places (Henry's End, Jack the Horse, Noodle Pudding) are only open for dinner. Five Front no longer exists--it has undergone a name change, and I don't know if it's any good.

      However, if you will be there at dinner time I think Jack the Horse would be fun--it is a classic neighborhood place w/a bar and good food in the midst of the most beautiful part of Brooklyn Heights. Casual but not cheap. Iron Chef would be good too, though it is small. They are the kinds of restaurants I'd like to stumble into if I were a visiting a new place.

      1. re: gnosh

        Five Front is now called Brooklyn Bridge Gardens. The menu is pretty limited and the food--beet salad, crab cakes, 1/2 chicken over polenta, burgers, etc--is mediocre. The outdoor area is still nice.

        1. re: JennS

          Brooklyn Bridge Gardens seems to be making decidedly less ambitious food than Five Front for similar prices. The outdoor garden is still very nice, but this is mediocre food at a high price premium.

          Brooklyn Bridge Gardens
          5 Front St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

      2. re: flower_puppy

        Just want to thank flower_puppy for the recs. Just spent a delightful weekend in Brooklyn Heights. Although we're native New Yorkers, we've lived in Rhode Island for 40 years, and never really got to know Brooklyn. We tried Jack the Horse and Iron Chef House and enjoyed two excellent dinners. Both were attractive, very friendly and had moderate prices.

        Iron Chef House
        92 Clark St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

      3. Are you looking for restaurants-on the Brooklyn or Manhattan side?

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        1. re: Ann900

          Oh yeah, I didn't specify, but all the places I listed are on the Brooklyn side.

          1. re: flower_puppy

            Brooklyn side. Sorry, I should have been more specific.

            1. re: pohtown

              If you want the Brooklyn side, then you've posted on the wrong board. You need to post on the Outer Boroughs board.

              1. re: LNG212

                ? This is the outer boroughs board.

                1. re: gnosh

                  It was originally on the Manhattan board. Obviously it got moved but my post remained.

                  1. re: LNG212

                    Were going to hit Grimaldi's or Frannys after a run across the bridge-would friday or saturday lunch be busier?

                    1 Front St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

                    1. re: montreal traveller

                      I dont think that Franny's is open for lunch on Friday - Sat and Sun only.. Grimaldi's is not worth a special visit.

                      1 Front St, Brooklyn, NY 11201